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The Euphrates River has been one of the most important rivers throughout human history. Together with the Tigris River, it constitutes the cradle of civilization, known as the Fertile Crescent. The river was essential to the development of some of the world’s first agricultural societies, such as the Sumerians and Mesopotamians. In the Bible, the Euphrates was even mentioned as one of the four rivers that served the Garden of Eden.

But now, in the face of global climate change and human impact, the river is threatened, presenting a conflict in an already red-hot part of the world.

Where is the Euphrates River?

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Located in the heart of the Middle East, it is one of the longest rivers in Western Asia. Beginning in southern Turkey and flowing through Syria and Iraq before combining with the Tigris River to become the Shatt Al-Arab, it then empties into the mighty Persian Gulf.

Today, the river is a vital source of fresh water in a very arid part of the world, serving more than 23 million people. Like other major world rivers such as the Amazon and Colorado, it is threatened as a result of climate change and overuse.

The Euphrates River also passes through a part of the world devastated by the war in Syriawhere a 12-year civil war has caused chaos, and Iraq, where a protracted conflict has also caused a lack of stability.

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Is the Euphrates River drying up?

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Yes, the Euphrates River is drying up due to a complex set of factors. Ataturk Dam, located in Turkey, is one of 22 dams along the river that were built in the 1980s and 1990s to provide irrigation and hydroelectric power. As a result, less river drains downstream.

Additionally, global climate change has caused droughts with decreased rainfall in the river basin. Warmer temperatures have also led to increased evaporation, especially as water levels continue to drop.

When will the Euphrates River dry up?

Levels are dangerously low and the concern is that the river will dry completely in 2040. While the drought of the Euphrates River will have a terrible impact on civilizations today, it tells us the story of many of the civilizations of years past. For example, beneath a dry riverbed in Iraq, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of nearly 80 sites, including prisons and cemeteries, from the period. ancient city of Telbas since before the time of Christ.

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What happens when the Euphrates River dries up?

This is already a center of conflict and the lack of water is sure to add volatility to both the drinking water supply and farmers struggling to survive. The river’s water is currently used for irrigation, hydroelectric power and drinking water. Throughout, 70 percent of its resources They are used for agriculture.

What animals live next to the Euphrates River?

Many animals also depend on the river for their survival, including river otters, seabirds, and water buffalo. The river is home to a number of threatened or endangered bird species including the gray teal, wood warbler, Dalmatian pelican, gray duck, black-tailed godwit, spotted eagle and steppe eagle. Not to mention the Euphrates softshell turtle, which is a highly endangered species that is only present in a few areas of the river.

The Euphrates is one of the most historically important bodies of water in the world. It provides a lifeline to a water-starved and already conflict-ridden part of the world. Decades of talks have not been fruitful when it comes to its preservation, but hopefully as countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Jordan see their resources dwindle, they will be more motivated to act.

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