It’s now possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows, but only if you live here| Trending Viral hub

Microsoft now makes removal easier for some users Edgeyour browser you’ve been pining for edge its rival Google Chrome since its launch in 2015.

Is Microsoft making this possible because it is acting out of the goodness of its heart? Of course not! According RegisterEdge is now removable because the Redmond-based tech giant is raising the white flag with the EU Digital Markets Lawthat controls the influence, dominance and control of Big Tech.

However, not all You will benefit from this new feature.

Microsoft is geolocating users’ ability to uninstall Edge

in a Thursday’s blog postMicrosoft announced that it added the ability to uninstall Microsoft Edge and Web Search from Microsoft Bing, but this is only for EU users.

However, all users will have the option to remove Camera, Cortana, and Photos.

This new feature has not yet been widely implemented; It’s still in preview for now.

Please note that while Microsoft does not make it easy to uninstall Edge, There is a solution – but it’s a headache that requires you to access the command prompt. And even then, it can be reinstalled when you start an update. As such, you will need to modify the record to prevent it from being returned.

Now, however, EU users don’t need to jump through hoops to uninstall Edge.

Interestingly, The Register noted that other companies have made the EU-mandated changes “universal across all their products.” Microsoft, on the other hand, is geolocating users’ ability to uninstall Edge.

The new EU mandate will officially come into force in March 2024.

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