Joe Biden joins TikTok to reach younger voters| Trending Viral hub

The Biden campaign launched a TikTok account in a visible effort to reach younger voters.

in the president’s first videopublished last night at the time of Super Bowl, answered questions like “Jason Kelce or Travis Kelce,” “games or commercials,” and “Trump or Biden.” You can guess his response to that last one. The video, which garnered 4.2 million views, was titled simply: “haha hey guys.”

Joe Biden in a TikTok screenshot, with two photos of the president and Donald Trump below.

Credit: TikTok / @bidenhq.

Biden’s re-election campaign has a presence on TikTok despite their own battles with the application, owned by the China-based company Bytedance. In March of last year, the Biden administration told TikTok that cut ties with its parent companyor face a complete ban in the country.

Federal agencies in the US ordered all government officials Remove TikTok from your professional devices last year. Several prominent Democrats have active tiktok accounts where they post political content, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cory Booker.

The president’s campaign advisors he told axios who are working to get their message out on as many platforms as possible in the run-up to this year’s election.

“In a media ecosystem that is more fragmented and personalized than ever, it is even more important to get our message across every possible channel and platform,” they said. The advisors further added that they are incorporating a “sophisticated security protocol to ensure security.”

The campaign is supported by social networks and memes, having also shared a Super Bowl themed post referencing far-right conspiracy theories about gambling, Taylor Swift and Biden’s re-election bid. Posting on platforms like TikTok will certainly reach younger voters: 63 percent of adolescents In the United States they say they use the application.

How social media platforms protect integrity during this year’s global elections will likely be a topic of conversation and contention. TikTok has made it clear that They do not accept paid political ads.still Misinformation about voters has been shown to circulate on the app. Both TikTok and Goal We have presented plans to combat this misinformation, but only time will tell.

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