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President Joe Biden took X/Twitter last night to recognize Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win, posting a photo of his laser-eyed alter ego, “Dark Brandon,” a meme originated from a right-wing slogan but co-opted by Biden’s supporters and social media team.

In response to the Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, the president published The disturbing portrait that liberals have reinterpreted and used from 2022 to represent Biden as a superhero.

“Just the way we designed it.” read Biden’s post.

Since then, the Internet has had a lot to say, as expected.

What is the “Dark Brandon” meme?

The genesis of the Dark Brandon meme is the heyday of the Internet, which actually means its history is murky and difficult to trace. As Vox explained in 2023the meme apparently originated in a NASCAR Xfinity Series race in October 2021, when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast is determined The crowd chants “Fuck Joe Biden!” like “Come on Brandon!” during a live interview with winning driver Brandon Brown.

The conservatives wasted no time adopt the phrase as an insult towards Bidenwith Republicans even use it in speeches in Congress.. From there, memes emerged online. The sinister, highly stylized version of Biden with glowing red eyes is incendiary coming from the right, which paints the president as some kind of supervillain. These types of memes are in line with the “Dark MAGA” subgenre, which features increasingly deranged and “darker” Versions of Donald Trump running for re-election, mostly purported by MAGA supporters themselves.

But Democrats aggressively jumped on the meme in an effort to make it their own. “Dark Brandon” was born, repurposed to celebrate Biden’s position as a leader. the meme fast pace after the administration announced that it had killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a strike in 2022. He also continued a series of political victories orchestrated by Biden that year, such as the employment rate reaching its lowest level in 50 years and the Senate passing the Reduction of inflation Act.

From, senior members of the Biden administration – from the director of digital strategy to various press managers – have posted the meme frequently. The president himself concluded his speech at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner last year with a Dark Brandon joke:

Now, the 2024 Biden-Harris campaign is evenly matched selling a t-shirt flaunting the meme on your site.

Why did Biden post the Dark Brandon meme?

Biden’s latest post about Dark Brandon is no coincidence. Combined with the caption “As we wrote it,” it’s likely a response to the wave of conspiracy theories centering gaming fraud, Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift.

the president has He has supposedly been looking for a second backup of Swift, who previously endorsed Biden in the 2020 elections. This prompted Trump supporters to a storm of suspicionand many claim that Kelce and Swift’s relationship is a trick to benefit Biden and that this year’s Super Bowl was “rigged” in favor of Kelce’s team, the Chiefs (who won in the final seconds of the game). This contingent includes Fox News Anchors and Trump ally Vivek Ramaswamy, the latter speculating about: “I wonder if this fall there will be a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally supported couple.”

The long conspiracy had Trump shares his thoughts on your own social media platform, Social Truthwriting: “I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other music artists. Joe Biden did nothing for Taylor, and never will. There is no way she can support corrupt Joe Biden , the worst and “The most corrupt president in the history of our country and being disloyal to the man who made him so much money.”

This is all preface to Biden’s post, which appears to mock the right over these theories. TO TikTok posted by the president (in your new account) referenced Dark Brandon to poke fun at conspiracies, and also noted his social media team’s intention to keep the meme going throughout the election season.

How has the Internet responded?

Some people thought that the meme, posted by Joe Biden’s official X accountIt was from a parody account.

Despite the meme involving key players like Trump and Swift, the internet is also outraged that Biden’s post seems tone-deaf and out of touch amid the crisis in the Middle East. At the time of the Super Bowl victory, Israeli forces were carrying out a special forces operation in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where Palestinians sought refuge from the war. The attack killed at least 50 Palestinians. Two Israeli hostages were freed.

On X, people quoted Biden’s posts and shared thoughts about the moment of everythingwith many pointing to Biden’s role in the current devastation in Gaza. The nature of the meme doesn’t help: the image of Biden’s alter ego, stylized with glowing eyes, seems threatening in itself. One user criticized “Joe Biden in fucking meme mode”while another wrote: “I can’t believe Biden’s tweet is real.”

Biden posted most recently using the official presidential account @POTUS congratulate the bosses one more time: “Ready to welcome this team to the White House.”

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