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MR. And Mrs. Smith is packed with star power, thanks to its titular assassins, played by Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, and its mission-of-the-week structure, which allows for a bevy of interesting guest stars. While that’s exciting for viewers, it runs the risk of the main characters being overshadowed. And when it comes to John Turturro as a perverted art-collecting real estate mogul, that’s exactly what happens.

In episode 2, “Second Date,” John (Glover) and Jane Smith (Erskine) attend a lavish silent auction to inject the highest bidder with a truth serum. Their target is Eric Shane (Turturro), an art collector with a net worth of $15 billion and, as the spies will soon discover, a fetish for puppy play. When the billionaire pushes John and Jane to realize their fantasies. MR. And Mrs. Smith takes a twist that makes this new show dazzle.

Turturro shows that appearances can be deceiving.

John Turturro poses in "MR.  And Mrs. Smith" premiere.

John Turturro poses at the premiere of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”
Credit: Marion Curtis / StarPix for Prime Video

This black-tie event is full of sharp suits and formal wear, but Eric cleverly stands out by favoring a more low-key look. He wears a simple dark blue jacket, a white shirt, a pocket square and a gray scarf, without a tie. This outfit, in addition to Turturro’s subtle confidence in him, suggests that Eric is such a wealthy man that he knows that he does not need to follow a dress code to be part of the inner circle.

Most famous for playing an eccentric named Jesus who licks bowling balls in The Big Lebowski, Turturro is an actor who enjoys the unexpected. In MR. And Mrs. Smith, clearly enjoys playing a character who seems the same as everyone else, at first. However, the actor’s presence informs us that Eric will not be just another rich guy, since few actors have committed themselves to giving life to weirdos like him. (See also: Barton Fink; miller’s crossing; Oh brother, where are you? Breaking off.)

Eric’s calm demeanor also means that most people walk right past him, which is especially impressive since Turturro has such a screen presence that you can’t help but be drawn to him. Eric speaks in a soft, grumpy tone. And while Jane talks to him, he flirts with a waiter, adjusting his bow tie and looking him straight in the eye. Turturro presents Eric as a man who prefers to be unapproachable and quietly enjoy his wealth. But when Jane suggests taking Eric somewhere private and paying one of the waiters (specifically John, in disguise) “to do whatever we want,” she looks at John with lust in her eyes. It’s an offer he can’t refuse.

Turturro gets morbid MR. And Mrs. Smith.

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are on the floor in "MR.  And Mrs. Smith."

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are on the floor in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”
Credit: David Lee/Prime Video

When Eric is alone with John and Jane, he comes to life, his posture stiffer and his tone higher. It’s a change that Turturro pulls off, though he’s careful not to take anything to the extreme, grounding his character in a way that prevents him from feeling cartoonish. His intensity and emotion in this scenario feel electrifyingly authentic as Eric orders John to kneel. He then orders Jane to do the same. And this is where Eric reveals his true desire: he wants John and Jane to act like dogs.

Turturro fits this role perfectly. Eric feels like a no-nonsense portrait of extreme wealth and a dedicated character study. Turturro plays his character with incredible holiness. While John and Jane (and everyone watching) find the experience amusing and outrageous, this imaginative exploration is something very important to Eric, as if watching the Smiths bravely lick each other is nothing less than sacred.

It turns out that this isn’t just an exercise for Eric to enjoy his power over people with less money than him. His kneeling turns into crawling on all fours, and soon Eric is acting like a dog too. This incredible vulnerability allows her to tap into his deepest desires. Unfortunately, as Eric’s belly is metaphorically exposed, John takes the opportunity to inject him with truth serum. In fact, both Smiths injects him at the same time, defying strict instructions to give Eric only one dose.

The double dose has an adverse effect on Eric, allowing Turturro to take advantage of the silliness of the scene, which oscillates between terror and titillation. This way, Turturro can unfold the layers that Eric has been trying to keep tied down. He becomes erratic, tone changing, eyes darting and arms flying as he reveals the sensible secrets John and Jane need to complete their mission.

Turturro’s turn is 180 necessary MR. And Mrs. Smith.

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine flirt "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine flirt in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”
Credit: David Lee/Prime Video

Until Turturro appeared, my patience with MR. And Mrs. Smith was dwindling rapidly. The show’s exciting concept is combined with a low-key approach that feels jarringly muttered. The first episode commits a cardinal sin: it’s boring! He was ready to quit the series, but Turturro’s gonzo but controlled performance brings the show’s potential to life.

His character injects a much-needed comedic element to the show, which largely exists in an overly serious register until Turturro appears. He blows the roof off, completely reimagining the tone of the show as something stranger, more intense, and much more intriguing. His polymorphously perverse The billionaire opens up the show’s possibilities, giving a glimpse at the curious areas it could reach as his floundering spies run around New York. He exposes John and Jane in a vulnerable circumstance, where they are pushed out of their comfort zones and towards each other. That makes them more identifiable and much more interesting.

Perhaps most importantly, Eric Shane got me excited for what was coming next: could anyone else live up to Turturro’s brilliant turn? MR. And Mrs. Smith It was floundering, but John Turturro makes it a damn good time.

Mr and Mrs Smith now streaming on Prime Video.

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