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“Fish out of water” comedy filmJony keeps walking“maintained its place at the top of the continent Porcelain box office in its fifth weekend of release. The top five titles remained unchanged from the previous week.

“Jonny,” in which a rural man struggles to keep a corporate job in a big city, earned $12.1 million (RMB 86.2 million), according to data from consulting firm Artisan Gateway. That was another good result after the film’s $15 million fourth weekend. The cumulative total of “Jonny” is now $155 million (RMB 1.10 million).

The Hong Kong-made action comedy “Rob N Roll,” with its all-star cast of Aaron Kwok, Richie Jen and Lam Ka-tung, held on to second place, but fell 56% weekend over weekend with $5.3 million, up from $12.1. million.

Another film made in Hong Kong, “The Goldfinger,” took $3.5 million and came in third place. Its cumulative total amounts to $71 million since its launch on December 30.

Jason Statham starring in “the beekeeper” maintained fourth place in China with $1.9 million. Its total after 17 days of release amounts to 12.9 million dollars.

“Follow Bear for Adventure,” which previously premiered ahead of “The Beekeeper,” remained in fifth place. He won $1.5 million for a cumulative total of $10.5 million.

Nationwide, theaters earned a total of $32.1 million, the lowest weekend score since mid-November. The figure reflects the dearth of new titles hitting the market, a drought that may continue until the Chinese New Year holidays in mid-February.

Artisan Gateway reports that the year-to-date box office total is $346 million. But, with the holiday season noticeably delayed in 2024, year-on-year comparisons have little meaning at this stage.

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