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Looking for the perfect gift for a child who loves to read? This one will definitely earn you some points.

He Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is a simple e-reader created with children in mind. It is durable and waterproof, with a glare-free screen that makes it easy to read anytime, anywhere. With Amazon Kids+, it also comes preloaded with a full library of age-appropriate books.

Kindle Paperwhite for Kids Specifications

E-readers have come so far since I had an original Nook in the early 2000s, with a super delicate screen that was prone to dying dramatically if you just touched it with a finger. (Of course, I still thought it was the coolest thing in the universe.)

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids sells for $169.99 and offers a 6.8-inch anti-glare display. That means that unlike any old tablet you might be tempted to use as an e-reader, this one can be used under bright lights. The brightness is also adjustable, so it can also be used at night.

I was impressed by the glare-free screen. It really looks like a paper book open in front of you, and I had no problems reading it in sunlight or in the dark.

The device is also waterproof, so it can survive an accidental drop into the pool, making it an even more solid option for kids.

Kindle e-reader on pool float next to the edge of a pool

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids is waterproof, which adds a few points in the durability column.
Credit: Amazon

Now, what makes this the kids edition? Firstly, it comes with two quirky cases to choose from that will appeal to kids of all ages: Robot Dreams or Trees. Your child of darkness and/or avid sticker collector could also choose a plain black case if they so desired.

Your purchase also comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+ (which otherwise costs $2.99 ​​a month for both Prime members and non-members), which unlocks access to thousands of children’s books. If you have other Amazon devices, it also offers apps, games, and videos for kids.

Finally, you’ll also get Amazon’s worry-free 2-year warranty, so if the device breaks within two years of purchase, you’ll be able to get a free replacement.


The most important thing you need to know before purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is that it is NOT a Tablet. It’s an e-reader, and only an e-reader. That means no games, no videos, no browser, and the screen is completely black and white.

With an Amazon Kids+ membership, it offers access to a full library of children’s books, along with a feature called Vocabulary Builder.

With Vocabulary Builder, your child can look up definitions of unknown words while reading. Every time they look up a word, that word will automatically be added as a card within the Vocabulary Builder tool. They can then use the flashcards to become more comfortable with these words.

Your child can also earn fun achievements in Paperwhite Kids, like “On a Roll” for reading 100 pages or “It’s Over 9000!” to read 10,000 pages.

Without an Amazon Kids+ subscription, you’ll have to be a little more thoughtful about providing content for your child to read.

For older kids or teens, you might be interested in a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which costs $9.99 per month for both Prime members and non-members. This subscription offers access to thousands of books at no additional cost. However, you can also buy Kindle books without a subscription.

And to prevent anyone but you from purchasing books, you can set up a child profile just for the Kindle. This will allow you to assign books purchased through Kindle directly to the child’s profile. It also keeps them off your books and prevents them from purchasing books on your device.

Personally, I think the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is a solid choice for kids who are avid readers. The only minor annoyance I’ve found is that you can’t lock the screen in portrait mode. Some books (especially picture books aimed at younger children) are only available in landscape format.

Add to Cart?

My kindergartner is just starting to read, so since he reads books and books on his own, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition It’s not something I can use independently right now.

However, he loves looking at picture books on his Fire tablet, and the tablet also offers more age-appropriate content (that’s still educational), like games and videos. Everything in full color too.

For younger kids who aren’t yet reading independently, I honestly think the Fire tablet would be a better buy. He Fire HD 8 Kids It’s a good option, with the same free year of Amazon Kids+ and a kids case for $139.99, $20 cheaper than the Paperwhite Kids.

Although if you are a family of travelers, the Kindle offers a comfortable and light way to travel with LOTS of bedtime stories.

And for kids a little older (and especially if they’re voracious readers), the Kindle Paperwhite Kids is a great gift: It offers a full library of age-appropriate books in a sleek, durable, lightweight, and travel-friendly device.

Best of all, it’s a piece of kid-friendly tech that even the most anti-screen relatives at your next family gathering won’t be able to complain about. Because, as Amazon proudly states on the device’s sales page, “It’s reading time, not screen time.”

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