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Larry David lashed out at the “little baby” donald trump in a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace (via The daily beast). The creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Seinfeld” has long spoken out against Trump, even making his fictional “Curb” self wear a Make America Great hat in a Season 10 episode because it’s “a big repellent.” of people”.

“How much have you been pissed off by the 2020 election, and everything that has come from it?” Wallace asked David.

David responded that he “can’t go a day without thinking about what (Trump) has done to this country because he’s such a little baby.”

“He has thrown 250 years of democracy out the window by not accepting the results (of the elections). I mean, he’s so crazy. He is a sociopath. He is so crazy. He just couldn’t admit to losing. And we know he lost! He knows he lost! David continued. “And he looks at how he has fooled everyone. He has convinced all these people that he didn’t lose. He is such a sick man. He is very ill “.

“Anyway, no, it hasn’t shocked me at all,” David joked.

David has never been one to hide his disdain for Trump and his associates. He went viral in 2021 for confronting attorney Alan Dershowtiz, once a member of Trump’s defense team, at a convenience store on Martha’s Vineyard while he was on vacation.

“Larry David comes in to buy some food. I say, ‘Hey. Hello, Larry,’ he turns around and just walks away. I say, ‘Larry, can’t we at least talk?’ He said no. You’re disgusting,’” Dershowitz. then he said of the meeting. “He called me disgusting and said he would never be able to talk to me. Here’s a guy who used to come to our house to work out at the gym. He came to our house for dinner two or three times a summer.”

David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is currently airing its twelfth and final season on HBO.


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