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TL;DR: Starting January 29, get the ChatGPT and Automation e-degree courses for only $29.99 – a 96% discount.

You may have used AI tools like ChatGPT, but that doesn’t mean you already know how to get the best results with them. If you’ve spent hours editing results and refining your prompts and still haven’t gotten the exact AI response you want, it may be time to look into ChatGPT and a college degree in automation.

This online learning opportunity is comprised of 12 lectures on everything from adapting ChatGPT to your industry, streamlining business processes with automation tools and even exploring how AI and data visualization can intersect. Get the full package on sale for $29.99.

Become an AI expert

ChatGPT is much more than asking you to write your emails or summarize articles you don’t have time to read. This package gives you the opportunity to learn more about the use of AI to amplify your own creativity, contribute to different parts of your existing projects, and visualize data for you. Please note that access to AI software is not included in this package, but you may be able to use your own free OpenAI membership for some lessons.

Each course is taught by an Eduonix Learning Solutions professional and you can progress at your own pace. All course materials are yours for life and can be viewed or reviewed as many times as you like.

Find out how to automate your industry

Be sure to check out each lesson on using automation to make your job easier. You may be wasting time on repetitive tasks that you could delegate to AI.

Crushable Offers

See what automation and artificial intelligence tools can do to make your life easier when you get the ChatGPT and Automation e-degree course on sale for $29.99.

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