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Leonardo Dicaprio was roasted from an unexpected place while attending Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11. Don’t look up star, 49, received some roasts from Nickelodeon cartoon characters during the broadcast of the game on the children’s television network. SpongeBob commented on Leo’s dating history during the game.

When the screen showed Leo, he was wearing a black jacket, along with sunglasses and a black baseball cap. One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (who is also called Leonardo) appeared on the screen and one of the commentators made his own joke about the Catch Me If You Can star and TMNT’s affinity for pizza. He joked: “Leonardo has a low limit.” After that, SpongeBob chimed in with his joke. “Leonardo DiCaprio, 25 years old,” the iconic character said before laughing. “That is approximately your dating history.

On a social network, a group of spectators showed their gratitude for the barbecue, as well as the reference to a classic Sponge Bob Square Pants joke. “SpongeBob yelling ’25!’ when leo decaprio was mentioned OHHHHH”, a fan wrote. “He not only made a vague reference to Leo’s dating history, but used a sponge Bob reference to do it”, another person aware. “Imagine SpongeBob roasts you.”

Through the years, The wolf of Wall Street The star has dated quite a few gorgeous supermodels, but in recent years, some fans have noticed a tendency for him to date women 25 years old and younger, according to NPR. Some people on social media have criticized Leo for dating women many years younger than him in recent years.

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More recently, Leo has been romantically linked to the model. Vittoria Ceretti25. In November, a source revealed that things were “It goes very well” with both in one report Us weekly. “He says that she is not only beautiful, but she is also down to earth and that they have a lot in common,” they said. “She’s not intimidated by her fame at all; “She even makes fun of him, ‘the model and the movie star.'”

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