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LG Transparent OLED goes from television to animated art

Speaker 1: Hey guys, do you want to see something really interesting? I’ve never seen this on a TV before, but this is an LG transparent OLED TV. And yes, it is indeed for sale. This is a 77-inch OLED TV that you can see through the wall behind or whatever you want to put behind that TV. And at first it’s a normal TV with a black screen and everything else you’d expect. And if you press a button, that little black film goes (00:00:30) right into its hidden little hole and turns into this transparent TV. Now, as you can imagine, there are a lot of cool things that LG has built into this TV to show off that transparent mode that you can access. Your screensaver is always ready and you can choose from a ton of different things in the background. You can show a fish tank, you can show a weather clock. Speaker 1: Basically, you can make the TV behave like it’s a window to the world, and you can put pretty much anything else you want on that screen. Of course, this is also a regular TV, so again, you can just press a button, open that black screen (00:01:00) and make it look like a standard OLED TV. Now, this is a 77-inch TV. LG says performance will be similar to a C 4, not its higher-end G 4 and M 4 series TVs. It won’t be as bright, but again, overall it will be a very attractive TV, given that OLED It has excellent image quality. Of course, this transparent OLED TV isn’t going to come cheap. They haven’t given us the price yet, but for such a customized 77-inch TV, I would expect (00:01:30) it to cost many thousands of dollars. Speaker 1: But this is also the first time this technology has been implemented in a standard consumer TV. Again, we’ve seen these in concepts before. We’ve seen them in digital signage. They are generally used for commercial purposes. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this shown on real television. Now, LG says that around the bottom and side of this piece of furniture you can see that it will be something customized. The TV itself is right on top of that piece of furniture. That’s going to be kind of the final design here. Then you will see all that. But again, (00:02:00) you’ll see on the market ways to make this TV look even more like a piece of furniture and integrate even more seamlessly into your home. A really cool design. I’m really a big fan of this technology in general, just for the cool factor. But the first time I see it applied in a practical way. Speaker 1: Again, most people don’t need a transparent TV. Most people don’t need this cool factor in their TVs, but for LG to bring it to market, we’ll see what happens with it. They say there could be experiments even with larger or smaller sizes, and see how they do this year in the market. We will find out (00:02:30) later how LG’s transparent OLED TV really works. But again, that’s not the point. This is all a matter of design. Another extra of the OLED t LG has its wireless TV technology incorporated. So, it has a little box on the side where you plug in your devices and it communicates wirelessly with the TV. You have to plug the TV into the wall, but that wireless technology allows for some really cool placement. You can put a lot of things in a cabinet, hide them and you don’t have to worry about hiding those cables that connect to the TV. And that’s (00:03:00) a clear look at the LG ed transparent T TV.

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