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LG's 2024 OLED TVs cut cords and increase brightness

Speaker 1: Hey guys, I’m listening to LG Suite. This is the M four wireless TV. This thing, you plug your devices into the box and it streams them to the TV. No cables required. You have to plug power into this TV, but again, that wireless TV technology is great if you want to make setting up without cables easier. Now, LG sold this TV last year in the M series three. This is the M series four. A couple of improvements. It’s brighter, they say, and has a native refresh rate of 144 hertz. So this is also (00:00:30) available in sizes up to 65 inches. They’re making it a little more accessible by including that slightly smaller screen size. But again, this is by no means a cheap TV – it’s a very high-end TV with that wireless TV technology and of course the LG Extra Bright panel. Speaker 1: Speaking of which, come with me, we will also look at the LGS G four TV. This guy is 83 inches tall. They’re making this TV again, just as bright, we’re even brighter than last year. I reviewed the G three. I really liked the image quality. Again, that shine (00:01:00) was spectacular. In fact, it’s the best-performing movie I’ve seen in any period of television. So, they say this year’s G four will be brighter again. It comes in sizes from 83 inches up to 55 inches. All with that extra bright technology and, again, overall image quality, truly spectacular judging by what was available last year. They’re adding that 144 hertz refresh rate. The idea is that if you have a PC that can hit a refresh rate slightly above 20, it will handle it. They’re saying this is the first time a TV (00:01:30) can handle native 144 hertz output from the PC, so that’s pretty cool. Speaker 1: The last one I’ll show you is the C four that walks with me here. Now the C four is kind of LG’s mainstream older model for 2024. Here it is 77 inches in size and last year when I read the C3, I called it the best high-end four TV. By the way, they haven’t revealed prices for any of these TVs yet, but I expect the C four to live up to that competition. Once again, they say it gets brighter. However, one of the improvements is that even (00:02:00) the 42 and 44 inch sizes, the smaller versions of this OLED TV will get that brightness boost. So that wasn’t the case last year. We’re looking at the C four again, perhaps one of the best contenders for the best high-end TV for the price. And it also has that 144 Hertz technology, otherwise very similar to last year’s C3. We’ll see how it looks when I compare it in the CNA lab a little later this year. And that’s a look at the LGS TV lineup for 2024, from the M four to the C four.

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