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A TV you can see through isn’t the most practical innovation, but its cool factor can’t be denied. Transparent OLED The display technology has been around for years in commercial applications, but for the first time in 2024, LG will sell it to consumers for use at home. The company’s 77-inch transparent TV is called OLED T and I first saw it in CES 2024.

When I walked into LG’s private demo suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel, I saw what looked like a sleek stand and shelf surrounding what looked like a large window. I could see through it to the wall beyond. Images moved across the surface of the “glass,” including a school of fish, a field of stars, animated figures, and other images. Then the LG representative pressed a button on a remote control and a sheet of black film slowly rose from below, darkening the wall and turning the window into a television screen, which could show sports or a movie.


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The transparency is not as perfect as glass, but through the screen you could clearly see the wall and even a small vase. When the mechanized film was unwound behind the screen, the picture quality wasn’t as vibrant as some of the other OLED TVs LG had on display in its suite, but I won’t worry about those details. A TV that can effectively disappear and transform into furniture, art or a fish tank, the OLED TV is a brilliant success.

To up the cool factor, the OLED T uses the company’s similar wireless transmission technology. M4 series. The only cable that reaches the television is the power cable. Devices that use HDMI cables (such as game consoles) and other connections connect to a separate box that can be placed up to 30 feet away from the TV.

In addition to the fishbowl, LG created a host of screen savers, clocks, and widgets that can appear on the TV and grouped them in the Always On section of the menu; the idea is that they will persist after you turn off the TV. The company also designed a simpler version of its smart TV system to work better with the transparent screen.

Reps told me that the shelves around the TV are optional and could be slightly different or offer more options when the TV hits the market in mid-2024. It’s only available in one size (77 inches), but LG said future versions They could be bigger or smaller depending on customer feedback. The price has not been set, but I expect it to be extremely expensive.

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