LG’s strange speaker-TV hybrid puts video on top of vacuum tubes| Trending Viral hub

If you ever wanted to sync The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd dark side of the moon, the LG Dukebox could be the ideal device for you. This little hybrid tube speaker… could be one of the strangest devices of CES 2024.

The LG Duke Box is a 360-degree speaker with a transparent OLED panel on the front to show off the tube amplifier inside. Transparent OLEDs They’ve been with us for several years, but the technology hasn’t really taken hold yet. LG says the screen can be used to watch movies or “create a cozy fireplace atmosphere where the vacuum tube is visible amidst the flickering flames.”

The DukeBox likely takes advantage of the nice sound properties of vacuum tubes, and you can see them used in millions of units. cheap amplifiers on Amazonbut also in guitar amplifiers and preamps.

The DukeBox is reminiscent of last year. StanbyMe Go — another TV and speaker combo from LG, except one was designed to be portable. Samsung also launched a vacuum tube sound bar in it many years ago. At the moment, DukeBox appears to be a concept and not an actual product, so pricing and availability are probably a long way off.

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