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While each new entry stands on its own to some extent, the like a dragon The series has always also functioned as an ever-expanding exploration of a cast of surprisingly pure gangsters and the elaborate conspiracies in which they are involved. Sakamoto says this is intentional. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio makes a continuous effort to provide stories that are “satisfying to both those familiar and those unfamiliar with the characters and previous arcs.” In this sense, the previous break with the serial tradition established by yakuza 7 and its new protagonist might represent, as Sakamoto says, “a new beginning for Kasuga,” but it “still contains a lot of high-context character appearances” that draw on the years and years of entries prior to its release.

Kiryu’s return as one of Infinite wealthThe main characters are not so far from how like a dragon It has always been written when viewed from this perspective. Rather, it’s a belated (and, at dozens of hours long, grandiose) final chapter in a character’s story previously thought concluded.

The last main game starring Kiryu did not end with the character’s death. Instead, it shifted the series’ focus away from him and onto a new cast. Sakamoto sees that era of the series as the completion of a larger story arc, with yakuza 7for the beginning of a new one. Infinite wealth It also continues to star Kasuga, but the newest character’s journey doesn’t necessarily have to be divorced from what came before. “Kiryu is a necessary part of this story in many ways,” Sakamoto explains.

“For example,” he continues, “Like a dragon: infinite wealth follows a theme about the question of what awaits former yakuza members looking to start a new life as civilians, mirroring Kiryu’s own life (and the) story behind it.”

Although Kiryu first appeared on screen in 2005 and appeared to have retired in 2016, “over the course of the series, (he), like the rest of us, has grown older, encountered many problems, and met many people in the world.” path that they have changed.” him enormously.” That growth and its impact on those around him leaves room to continue exploring the character.

Sakamoto says his team wasn’t worried that Kiryu’s character arc would take away from Kasuga’s. “Kiryu has a great personality backed by a great legacy, but the same goes for Kasuga,” he writes. By bringing these two characters together, contrasting their personalities and goals, Infinite wealth is able to further explore these figures and their status in the series’ version of the Japanese underworld.

As Sakamoto mentions, one of Infinite wealthThe main plots involve the voluntary disintegration of the yakuza (Japan’s organized criminal groups) and the difficulty of finding a viable future for those who have spent their lives on the fringes of mainstream society. The past resurfaces and resonates in the present throughout the game, manifesting itself in ways such as several characters’ relationships with their estranged parents and Kiryu’s reflections on her youth as they grow older and sicker. As in many plots of the past. like a dragon games, the colorless yakuza depicted in Infinite wealth are inspired by real world events. Beyond this, however, and placed alongside other plot elements such as those described above, the game forms a strong, often dramatically powerful message about finding meaning (and purpose) in our stories, personal and collective.

If the success of that message validates the creative decision that led to Kiryu’s return, it also provides further context to what Sakamoto means when he calls. Infinite wealth a kind of bridge to “the beginning of a new era” for like a dragon—the type of step “necessary to continue the series in the future.”

Although Infinite wealth has as many reasons to remember its legacy as Kiryu, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is also interested in what comes next. As Sakamoto says: “There are many more stories to tell, beyond the lives of Kiryu and Kasuga.” It’s difficult to predict what those stories might be and whether they will involve the cast of characters introduced over the past 19 years of like a dragon games. What Sakamoto will say is that he would like his team to “continue to tell stories of the human experience, its struggles and triumphs, that resonate with the average person.”

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