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LyftThe commitment to protecting women and non-binary users will be tested across the country today (February 13), as the app announces that its Women+ Connect security feature is expanding to users from all over the country.

Women+ Connect is an opt-in setting for women and non-binary drivers that asks the app to prioritize matches with women and non-binary drivers. It was designed in collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign, the sexual assault prevention campaign. It depends on usthe National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) and the National Sheriffs Association Traffic Safety Committee.

Lyft debuted for the first time gender-specific security preference in September, announcing a limited release in Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. The Women+ Connect feature will now be available to even more Lyft users across the country, including major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, Las Vegas, and Dallas.

Since its initial launch, more than 7 million eligible users have activated the feature, Lyft reports. More than half of eligible women and non-binary drivers have also opted for Women+ Connect, and the company reports that these drivers keep the feature on for 99 percent of their driving time. Lyft says it has the highest satisfaction rate among drivers for any feature they’ve launched to date.

Lyft’s introduction of Women+ Connect and other safety tools like Smart trip registration and location sharing, are in response to requests for additional security by both drivers and passengers.

“Lyft is launching an inclusive product at a time when many companies are shying away from explicit inclusion of transgender and non-binary people,” Jay Brown, chief of staff at the Human Rights Campaign, wrote at the time of Women+ Connect’s launch. “Women+ Connect was created with the intention of making ridesharing better for women and non-binary riders. When ridesharing is better for these people, it’s better for everyone, and we at HRC stand behind that.”

To subscribe to Women+ Connect, visit the app’s security tools located in your account settings. Passengers may also be shown a pop-up window when opening the app; Simply select “count me in” to use Women+ Connect.

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