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Rejoice! The Macbook Air M3 is finally available, but is it really worth all the applause?

Apple revealed its updated MacBook Air on Monday, with its 13- and 15-inch models now available for pre-order. The M3 Air ships on March 8, which means that’s not enough time to decide if you’re ready to upgrade to the new laptop. Or if you’re a little cheap (these laptops are still very expensive), you can stick with a new Macbook Air M2.

It’s a tough call if you’re a fan of Apple’s sleek design and powerful performance, as the Macbook Air M3 and M2 models offer significant benefits. That’s why we’re breaking it down to make it easier for you to decide before Friday.

Macbook Air M3 vs Macbook Air M2: Price

Let’s face it, these are expensive laptops, and as time goes on, newer models will become even more expensive. So it’s no surprise to see that the 15-inch Macbook Air M3 is available for $1,299. It is the cost of a new processor and its larger size.

  • Macbook Air M2 13-inch (256GB, 8GB RAM) – $999

  • Macbook Air M2 13-inch (512GB, 8GB RAM) – $1,199

The 13-inch version of the M3 starts at $1,099, which is the same price as the M2 when it launched in 2022. However, now that it’s been two years since that initial launch, you can buy the 13-inch Macbook Air M2 for just $999. .

  • Macbook Air M3 13-inch (256GB, 8GB RAM) – $1,099

  • Macbook Air M3 13-inch (512GB, 8GB RAM) – $1,199

  • Macbook Air M3 13-inch (512GB, 16GB RAM) – $1,299

If you want more storage or memory, that will cost you more, of course. The 15-inch M3 can cost you up to $1,700 if you want 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM, which is about the cost of renting a small closet in New York City.

  • Macbook Air M3 15-inch (256GB, 8GB RAM) – $1,299

  • Macbook Air M3 15-inch (512GB, 8GB RAM) – $1,499

  • Macbook Air M3 15-inch (512GB, 16GB RAM) – $1,699

Macbook Air M3 vs Macbook Air M2: Size and design

The design of the new Macbook Air hasn’t changed much. The M2 was already a redesign intended to ditch the tapered look of its predecessor and visually align with the Macbook Pro. The M3 also comes in the same four colorways as the M2.

  • Colors of the Macbook Air M2: Midnight, Starlight, Space Grey, Silver

  • Colors of the Macbook Air M3: Midnight, Starlight, Space Grey, Silver

Apple also says that this new generation of Macbook Air will be made from “50 percent recycled content,” as the company has made many environmental initiatives in recent months.

  • Macbook Air M2 13 inch: 11.97 x 8.46 x 0.44 inches (2.7 pounds)

  • 13-inch M3 MacBook Air: 11.97 x 8.46 x 0.44 inches (2.7 pounds)

  • 15-inch M3 MacBook Air: 13.40 x 9.35 x 0.45 inches (3.3 pounds)

Macbook Air M3 vs Macbook Air M2: Performance

Imagine if the M2 was a really good, energy-efficient car. Now, the M3 is the newer model of that car, but with a more powerful engine that doesn’t consume more fuel; In fact, it consumes a little less fuel, runs more smoothly on the road (even when loaded with luggage or towed). a trailer) and has an upgraded stereo system for clearer sound. Plus, it handles slightly better on the road, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable, especially on long trips.

This is a long and unnecessary analogy (especially given the recent car cancellation) but it is an apt comparison. The M3 is faster, smarter and more powerful – a beast of a machine that can handle heavy tasks like gaming, video and photo editing.

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