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Travis Kelce has been one of the NFL’s biggest stars over the last decade. After being selected in the 2013 draft, he played in eight Pro Bowl games, won two Super Bowl rings with the team and is aiming for his third ring in Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11. In addition to his skills on the field, your love life She has long been of great interest to fans, especially after her reality dating show. Catching Kelce. More recently, Travis has been in the news for his romance with the pop star. Taylor Swift. The “Anti-Hero” singer-songwriter has encouraged Travis in several of his soccer games and returned the favor go to see his Tour of the eras.

While the obsession continues Travis’s relationship with Taylor, Attention has also been on his family members, especially since they spent time with the pop star at the games. Her older brother, Jason Kelce He was also an NFL player. He played center for the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 years. The siblings are very close to their supportive parents, donna and Ed Kelce. Find out more about Travis’ family here!

Jason Kelce

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Travis is the younger brother of NFL star Jason Kelce. Jason joined the NFL as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 and, like his brother, only played for one team in his entire career. As a former center for the Birds, Jason has had similar success to his younger brother, playing in six Pro Bowls and winning a Super Bowl championship in 2018. The two brothers faced off in Super Bowl LVII, where Travis and the Chiefs finally won.

After the Chiefs defeated the Eagles, it was clear that the brothers were good about the game. They were seen hugging in the field After the match. His motherDonna, was seen later hugging both boys After the match. After the Super Bowl, Travis congratulated his brother in a well-played game. “You joke all the time and say you want to beat your brother on the biggest stage of all time, but it’s a strange feeling. That team had great leadership, great coaches, obviously everything went to the end. We have all the respect in the world for those Eagles. There is nothing I can really tell him other than that I love him and that he had a great season,” he said at a press conference.

Jason announced his retirement from the NFL in March 2024 after a 13-season career.

While the Kelce brothers clashed on the field, the two worked together on a variety of projects. They launched the new heights podcast in 2022. The series features both brothers chatting about their NFL careers and personal lives. When Travis was the host Saturday night live In March 2023, Jason was there to support him and even appeared in a sketch.

jason has been married to his wife Kylie McDevitt since 2018. The couple have three daughters, welcoming his third just two weeks after facing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Quite a few videos have surfaced of Jason showing what a great father he is to his three daughters over the years, whether playing with them at home either in the Pro Bowl.

In the midst of Travis’ relationship with Taylor, Jason has been a key figure. When the Chiefs player admitted to having tried to make friends with the singer bracelet with your number in it during The tour of the ages, Jason made fun of him on his podcast. During the first rumors, the Eagles player was also the subject of questions about your brother’s love life. In an interview, she said that he thought the rumors were “all 100 percent true.” Jason had a little fun with the rumors and tweeted a video from a Swiftie criticizing Taylor for dating a Chiefs player, despite saying she was an Eagles fan. “Preach!” he wrote. “Wow birds!”

jason gave his honest feelings about Travis dating Taylor in an interview with NBC Sports in October 2023. “It’s certainly been strange the level it’s at now,” Jason said. “On the one hand, I am happy for my brother who seems to be in a relationship that excites him, that is genuine. But there’s another extreme where it’s like, ‘Man, this is a lot.'”

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After the Eagles lost in the playoffs for the 2023 season, Jason turned his attention to cheering on his brother! The Eagles center went viral when he went shirtless and started drinking beers among fans when the Chiefs faced the Buffalo Bills during their playoff game. He also adorably helped a young man Swiftie shows her sign to its My brother’s new girlfriend.

After the fact, Jason admitted that it was his first time meeting Taylor, and that he was just trying to give you the best impression possible (despite Kylie’s warnings), which Travis confirmed yes. “She tells me, ‘be on your best behavior.’ I was like, ‘Kylie, the first day I met you I passed out drunk and fell asleep at the bar.’ This is part of the charm. This is part of Jason Kelce’s charm. I want to give my best first impression. “This is my best opportunity,” he stated.

Jason also congratulated Taylor. He spoke effusively about her in an interview with a local radio station. “She’s a global star, she’s the quintessential artist, you know, right now in the world, singer-songwriter, immensely talented, an incredible role model for young women around the world,” she said.

Diana Kelce

Photos by Lauren Bacho/MLB via Getty Images

Travis is the youngest son of proud mom, Donna Kelce! Donna is a retired senior vice president of Truist, from which she resigned in 2021. Since retiring, she has been a full-time NFL mom with two children for her to support. Of course, there was some drama before Super Bowl LVII, where her two sons faced off for the championship. She was the first mother to have two sons competing against each other in the big game. Before the game, Donna was a guest on her son’s podcast to reveal that she would greet Travis first. in the countryside no matter the outcome, as Jason’s wife and children would be there to help him. In the game, she did it. wear a t-shirt with both of his son’s uniforms torn in half. Although Travis won, it’s clear that she is proud of her two children.

Before Super Bowl LVII, Donna admitted that she would keep the peace on Thanksgiving Day after the game in a way Today interview. “Obviously, there will be someone who will go home with a broken heart, they won’t have bragging rights at the Thanksgiving table, but this will be an incredible event and I’m really looking forward to it,” he said.

Amid the first rumors about Travis and Taylor, the singer was seen hanging out with Donna at the Chiefs game on September 24, 2023. The “Shake It Off” singer was wearing Chiefs colors, while standing in a box with Travis’ mother, who wore one of her son’s shirts. Donna has since confirmed that she approves of her youngest son’s new relationship. “I can tell you this: He’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time,” Donna said. WSJ. Magazine November 20th. “God bless you. He shot towards the stars!

Donna has spent quite a bit of time with Taylor since she started dating her son. She even shook her head. some of the memes that have emerged amid the pop star’s romance with Travis. After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, Taylor was seen hugging donna in the field while they celebrated the victory.

Ed Kelce

Kara Durrette/Getty Images

Donna was married to Ed, Jason and Travis’s father, for almost 25 years. She had a long career in the steel industry, having a family with a strong military background, according to People. The couple broke up, but in the documentary they talked about why they stayed together for so long because of their children. Kelce. “If we had split up like we probably both would have preferred, it would have been a nightmare with logistics, getting the kids where they needed to be and giving them all the support,” Ed said, via People. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ed reached out to Jason to spend time with his granddaughters.

Like his ex-wife, Ed was prepared for an emotional game during Super Bowl LVII. He told his children that he planned to first watch whoever he lost on the field on his podcast. “But at 10pm on Sunday someone is heartbroken and someone is celebrating. We will deal with it as best we can when it happens,” he said. Los Angeles Times at the head of the game.

Like his ex-wife, Ed spent time with Taylor while rooting for Travis and the Chiefs. Ed was seen chatting with Taylor at one of Travis’ games in October 2023. While they have spent a lot of time together, Travis’ father admitted that I didn’t know Taylor when they first met. He joked that he felt “a real idiot” for not acknowledging her in a radio interview. “Taylor comes in, she comes in with a security guard and I look at her and I had my girlfriend with me and I mention maureen“Oh my God, I know this girl but I don’t know what her name is,” he said, noting that he regularly met a lot of people during Chiefs games.


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