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Eager to move into horror, Spanish director Miguel Martí has ​​teamed up with famed actress and producer Macarena Gómez and distributor Carlos Guerrero on an ambitious project to find the perfect spooky script.

The trio’s respective Madrid companies, Wonder Ficción, Cilantro Films and 39 Escalones, have launched the initiative We are looking for your horror script, calling on screenwriters with a taste for the chilling, the chilling and the macabre to present their works. from March 2 to April 16 through the busmostuguiondeterror.com website.

The winning script will be announced on July 13 at the Sotogrande Music Festival, one of the numerous partners of the initiative. The winner will initially receive €4,000 ($4,342) as a four-year option for the script, plus €3,600 for three months of development work. Producers will seek to finance production over the four-year period. The purchase of the script under the previously agreed terms will become effective once financing is confirmed.

“The idea is a contest to find a script to make a horror film and give an opportunity to all the people who have scripts at home, who write, but who have a hard time reaching the big production companies,” said Martí when presenting the project. in Spain Malaga Film Festival on Monday. “So we are going to read those scripts, select one and make a movie that we hope will be great and will be seen in theaters soon.”

Martí will direct the film, with Gómez starring, either as the lead or in a supporting role.

“We may suddenly find ourselves with a formidable script but if the protagonist is a 20-year-old girl, I can’t do that anymore,” said Gómez. “In that case I can be a secondary protagonist.”

Gómez is already well-known in Spain for her work in genre productions, including her Goya-nominated role in the 2014 horror film “Shrew’s Nest” and the hit HBO Max fantasy series “30 coins,” from Alex de la Iglesia.

Martí has ​​primarily focused on comedies, but is now eager to move further into horror, a genre he ventured into with his 2008 horror comedy “Sexy Killer: Morirás por ella,” which also starred Gómez.

“We are good friends, we work very well together and we have created a great team,” Gómez said. His most recent collaborations include last year’s hit comedy “Desmadre Included.”

Martí and Gómez had already started reading scripts but they did not find any that convinced them. Guerrero then came up with the simple solution of finding more scripts.

Noting that horror offers many subgenres, Martí and Gómez said they are open to anything.

“It can be psychological horror, a horror movie with comedy elements; it’s a very broad spectrum,” added Gomez, who also starred in last year’s British shark thriller “Deep Fear.”

“We have no preference,” Martí said. “’The Shining’ is one of my favorite movies, but the other day I also had a great time watching ‘Dead Snow 2.’”

Something that is especially important to Martí is that the film reflects Spain. He emphasized that he would like the script to have “a nuance of national horror,” noting that Spain has its distinctive culture and traditions.

“We live in Spain. We have certain qualities when it comes to filming; We have our musical culture, our storytelling. That’s something I’d like you to reflect. There’s no reason to make a movie that’s all-American. We have our own style, our own way of seeing things. We are not copying Dutch cinema or Korean cinema. It will be a film made here by us that will have our seal, our traditions, our music and our people, who are worth a lot.”

The team has managed to turn their competition into a major marketing initiative after gaining the support of more than a dozen local brands, companies and organisations, including the Malaga Film Festival and its industry section. MAFIZthe Sotogrande Music Festival, the Riojan winemaker Familia Martínez Zabala, the media group Henneo, Silbo Telecom, the travel agency W2M, the airlines Plus Ultra, the film magazine Cinemanía, Dakari, Crystaline, the Malaga gin manufacturer Wingy Gin and the city’s waterfront restaurant, Kaleido.


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