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March 4, 2024

RELEASE: J24-006

Students from around the world will visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston this summer for a variety of activities associated with the International Space University’s 36th Annual Space Studies Program.

Through an ongoing partnership with Rice University in Houston, NASA Johnson will welcome students from many countries who will participate in tours, lectures and hands-on activities with aerospace experts from June 8 to August 3, 2024.

“Johnson Space Center looks forward to partnering with Rice as it hosts the International Space University Space Studies Program in partnership with Rice University,” said Johnson Director Vanessa Wyche. “This is an incredible opportunity not only for students participating in the Space Studies Program, but also for Johnson employees to share their knowledge and experiences with an international network of leading space experts and professionals.”

The Space Studies Program is an educational and training program in the space sector, which covers both technical and non-technical aspects, in an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary environment.

During an intensive eight-week program, more than 200 participants, lecturers, professors, staff members, experts and executives from US and international space agencies and private companies from more than 30 countries will converge on Houston.

The program is aimed at aspiring space professionals and leaders with educational experience, and features a curriculum that covers space exploration engineering, policy, business and management, and applications. Hands-on projects, workshops and immersive learning experiences will provide students with opportunities to network with a global community of space enthusiasts.

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Kelly Humphries
Johnson Space Center, Houston


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