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“Reality TV Series”Town of love” will add a second season and the comedy talk show “Last One Standing” will add a third as part of NetflixLive-action offering in 2024. The lineup, revealed Thursday, includes plenty of romance, comedy and fantasy.

Earlier this month, research and consulting firm Media Partners Asia said that Netflix is ​​the second most watched SVOD platform in Japan (behind Prime Video) and the third most viewed premium streamer (behind Tver and Prime Video). While reruns boost other platforms, “original dramas and variety have had a clear impact on the Netflix acquisition,” Media Partners Asia said in its latest report, citing “Love Village” and “First Love” as notable examples .

“Last One Standing,” in which comedians must tell stories that are both personal and funny or face elimination, comes from United Productions and comedy talent agency Yoshimoto Kogyo. A third season will be available in 2024, but currently has no date.

“Love Village,” produced by En Network, shows eight singles, ages 35 to 60, who move to the countryside to find love. The first season was in the streamer’s Japanese top ten for six weeks and returning episodes will be uploaded later this year.

Romance is also at play in “Drawing Closer,” one of three new feature films from the Japan board. Produced by Nikkatsu and Django Film, it is written and directed by Miki Takahiro as an adaptation of the best-selling novel about lovers living on borrowed time. Nagase Ren and Deguchi Natsuki star.

Other film titles include the previously announced “The Parades” and “City hunter”, which will be released on February 29 and April 25, respectively. Directed by Fujii Michihito, “The Parades” shows a woman in a monthly parade in which the recently deceased try to reconnect with the living. Suzuki Ryohei and Morita Misato lead the cast of the manga adaptation to action-adventure film “City Hunter”, directed by Sato Yuichi.

Other highlights include the “House of Ninjas” series in which a dysfunctional family of retired ninja warriors is forced to take on new missions. Directed by Dave Boyle and produced by Toho Studio, The show has a cast led by Kaku Kento, Eguchi Yosuke, Kimura Tae, Kora Kengo, Makita Aju and Yoshioka Riho, and will be uploaded next week (February 15).

Ayano Go and Toyokawa Etsushi lead the cast of “Tokyo Swindlers,” a series adaptation of a best-selling novel by Shinjo Ko. The crime drama about real estate scams is directed by One Hitoshi, produced by Nikkatsu and Booster Project and has a release date unspecified in 2024.

Coming from Kadokawa and director Suzuki Osama, “Queen of Villains” tells the story of a feisty anti-hero who develops a cult following. Starring Yurian Retriever, Karata Erika, and Goriki Ayame, it also has an unspecified 2024 release date.

Romance series include the already available “Love Deadline,” a reality show on Kyodo Television, and the upcoming drama “Beyond Goodbye,” in which a woman falls in love with the man who received her late ex-fiancé’s heart. The original show is written by Okada Yoshikazu, directed by Kurosaki Hiroshi, and stars Arimura Kasumi and Sakaguchi Kentaro.

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