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As the expected bull run approaches, investors are actively expanding their portfolios, embracing new tokens and initial coin offerings (ICOs). They are enthusiastically participating in new launches, listings and pre-sales, with a keen eye on various market entry opportunities. In particular, many recently listed tokens are experiencing upward trends, while presales that feature attractive use cases are gaining traction and adoption.

Insidebitcoins has selected a selection of promising coins in this regard. Through in-depth analysis, we delve into their tokenomics, use cases, partnerships, and other key features that contribute to their appeal as investment prospects.

New and best Meme coins to buy now

Shrimp is our best performing meme currency today. It has seen an impressive price evolution since its launch. It achieved $1 million in volume in the first three hours and saw a 900% increase from its initial price. Additionally, the project has more than 1,250 holders without any airdrop incentives. Additionally, SLERF has received huge donations from the cryptocurrency market, especially after mistakenly burning $10.6 million in pre-sale funds.

Additionally, Smog has consistently delivered impressive results, garnering investor interest. The token has shown notable resilience, rising 216.19% over the last thirty days, reaching its current price of $0.18. This upward trajectory is noteworthy, especially considering the token’s recent pullback phase.

1. Shrimp (SHRIMP)

SHRIMP is a utility token brought to you by the team behind Aptomingos. Its goal is to improve participation within the Aptos ecosystem. SHRIMP also has a mission to support charitable initiatives. The token features a distinctive combustion mechanism called “The Barbecue.” This mechanism uses a reserve allocation to meet community-driven goals.

Furthermore, ‘The Barbecue’ allows for an active symbolic environment that encourages participation. To simplify, if holders decide not to participate, a percentage of their tokens will be burned. This encourages active participation on the platform.

Shrimp Price Chart

However, the project aims to be the first commercial robot in the Aptos ecosystem. The trading robot allows users to make smart trading decisions. Additionally, token holders can stake their coins to earn additional rewards on the platform. Additionally, the project makes charitable contributions to reputable charitable causes.

Meanwhile, SHRIMP has confirmed three future use cases that will consume and burn the token, ensuring its continued scarcity and value appreciation. Investors can expect more updates on its goals and initiatives as the project progresses. This includes entertainment and charitable contributions within and outside the crypto community.

Additionally, Shrimp has announced a collaboration with Supervlabs. The partnership has to help the token break into the gaming space. In particular, it has achieved listings on major platforms such as DEX Screener, CoinMarketCap and DEXTools.

Consequently, $SHRIMP has seen impressive price development since its launch. It achieved $1 million in volume in the first three hours and saw a 900% increase from its initial price. Additionally, the project has more than 1,250 holders without any airdrop incentives.

2. Slerf (Slerf)

SLERF is the latest addition to the burgeoning list of projects in the Solano ecosystem. Like Slerf the sloth, the SLERF coin symbolizes determination and perseverance. It reflects Slerf’s deliberate journey through the Amazon rainforest. The SLERF token offers a conscious and calculated strategy to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Inspired by Slerf’s iconic ascent to the moon, the SLERF coin embodies the spirit of reaching for the stars. Its introduction marks an important milestone in the blockchain community. Its creation creates inspiration for everyone to aim higher and achieve greatness.

What sets the SLERF coin apart is its commitment to patience and resilience. These traits reflect the spirit of his lazy muse. The token promotes the need for a slower but steady approach towards financial growth.

Slerf Price Chart

SLERF is a community-focused meme that is supported by other influencers and crypto people. The project has received huge donations, especially after it mistakenly burned through $10.6 million in pre-sale funds. It recently announced the launch of a set of unique NFTs.

The accidental burning of pre-sale tokens, totaling $10.6 million, initially raised concerns, but did not prevent the meteoric rise of the SLERF coin. Despite this setback, the project continues to gain traction and attract attention within the cryptocurrency community.

Furthermore, LBank’s collaboration with the Slerf team to support pre-sale participants highlights the project’s commitment to early investors. As custodians of the donation wallet, LBank becomes the first donor to support early investors.

Despite a unique entry into the market, with its developer accidentally burning through $10 million of pre-sale funds, the SLERF coin has seen notable success. In 24 hours, its price rose more than 52%, reaching $0.9422. Its trading volume exceeded $3.2 billion and its market capitalization was $505 million. Hitting an all-time high of $1.37, it amassed thousands of unique addresses containing the altcoin shortly after launch.

3. Debt (DEBT)

Dug (DUG) is an innovative meme token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project was launched to establish and maintain a strong and sustainable meme economy. Their goal is to disrupt prevailing norms with their distinctive charm and loyalty. Additionally, it integrates the appeal of meme culture and an experienced development team. Therefore, $DUG has set its sights on a singular goal: reaching the moon.

Additionally, he is inspired by the endearing character of Dug in “Up” and hopes to embody the character’s playful, optimistic, friendly and endearing qualities. Furthermore, the ethos of DUG revolves around instilling trust within the crypto ecosystem. As a deflationary token, $DUG imposes transaction fees on all transactions except purchases. Therefore, it aims to position itself as the main dog-themed meme project of 2024.

Excavated price chart

Furthermore, the token features several utilities on its platform, including staking, yield farming DAO, and leveraged farming. It has announced plans to add more use cases through several strategic collaborations. The project aims to delve deeper into P2P lending and cross-chain services.

However, DUG recognizes the importance of partnerships in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, DugAlliance epitomizes collaboration with other meme coins and tokens. In this regard, he formed the “Canine Alliance” to amplify collective influence in the crypto ecosystem. Likewise, the project recently unveiled a collaboration with AiAkita_Do. DUG hopes to leverage the AiAkita_Do team, which has almost six years of experience in the blockchain and artificial intelligence sectors.

Currently, $DUG is trading at $0.000001. This rally translates into a 560% increase over the last day. Amidst this backdrop, the $DUG team remains steadfast in its commitment to propel the project to unprecedented heights. Therefore, it takes advantage of its unique combination of meme culture and community participation.

4. Smog (SMOG)

Since its launch, Smog has consistently impressed investors and attracted the attention of cryptocurrency lovers. The project has made history as the largest air launch in the Solana ecosystem. However, holders must join the staking event to qualify for the airdrop.

Additionally, the team seeks to achieve multi-chain status to enhance its value and expand its reach. There are plans to list the token on additional decentralized (DEX) and centralized exchange (CEX) platforms. Achieving these goals will propel the project to new levels.

Furthermore, the token continues to rise, recording a notable 216.19% increase in the last 30 days. What underlines the impressive appearance of the current price of $0.18 is that the token previously experienced a consolidation phase, during which the price slightly decreased by approximately 8%. This temporary pullback allowed many investors to enter the market and participate in one of the most promising meme projects of the first quarter.

Surprisingly, the new token demonstrated remarkable performance earlier in the week. As the week progresses, the crypto community can expect a possible resurgence of the asset’s bullish price movement, fueled by the recent rush of investors into the Smog community.

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