New Beyoncé Music Announced: Album Release Scheduled for Next Month| Trending Viral hub

The first commercials during the third quarter on Sunday. Super Bowl including Beyonce trying to break the internet.

With the help of the Emmy winner Tony Hale In a role similar to his “Veep” character, Gary, Hale monitors whether Beyonce’s various actions break Verizon’s 5G Internet.

“I bet you can’t break that,” Hale says.

“I bet I can,” Beyoncé jokes.

Beyoncé opens a lemonade stand while wielding a baseball bat to break the ice. She plays the saxophone in “a surprise drop.” She’s trying to break the internet with things called Beyonce-AI and BarBey. She announces her candidacy for “BOTUS: America’s Beyoncé.”

Despite everything, Hale reiterates: “Verizon did not go bankrupt.”

The ad ends with Beyoncé saying, “Okay, they’re ready. Release the new music.”

Beyoncé to release ‘Act II’ next month

And social media indicates that Beyoncé will have a new album “Act II” coming out on March 29.

Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, were at Sunday’s Super Bowl game.

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