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New Xbox leaked

Speaker 1: The next Xbox just leaked. We just received low-resolution photos of what appears to be a white Xbox Series I’m going to give you all the details we have about this new console and what it means for you. Last night, gaming website X pewter posted a series of leaked images of the new device. Based on these low-quality images, we can see what looks almost exactly like the current Xbox Series disk drive. This actually makes those Xbox Fridge joke products from a couple of years ago even more accurate now that the X will come in white. The report says that the new Xbox model includes an improved heat sink to keep the system running cooler. There’s no word on whether this box will have power or memory upgrades, but there is hope, especially since Sony is supposedly launching a PS 5 Pro later this year. Speaker 1: No performance improvement would make this new Xbox any more competitive than last year’s. PS five Slim. That console featured (00:01:00) a smaller design and a small increase in storage space for the same price as the original PlayStation five. In addition, a disk drive could also be attached to that slim model later. Something that Xbox has never hinted at doing with any of its machines. According to X Puter, this new Xbox will launch sometime in June or July of this year, and between 50 and a hundred dollars less than the current X. Not only would that put it in the middle of the current $500 Xbox Series another cheaper console option. Compared to the PS 5, Xbox is no stranger to digital-only consoles. Speaker 1: The Series S, which launched alongside the X, never had a disk drive. We can even go back a generation to the all-digital edition of the Xbox One and see Microsoft’s first disc-drive-less console. It’s extremely rare that I put a disc in any of my consoles. At this point, I usually buy all my games and movies digitally or (00:02:00) stream them. In fact, many of my Xbox exclusive games come from my Game Pass subscription, and those are obviously just downloads. The DISC list’s X series aligns with leaked documents from last year. However, those images originally showed a cylindrical design. That product was codenamed Brooklyn and came to light during the Microsoft Activision lawsuit. At the time, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer commented that these plans were real, but quite old at this point. It was unclear how accurate they were when details of an updated Xbox controller code called Siebel were revealed in September 2023 alongside the Brooklyn console (00:02:30). That controller featured a new direct cloud connection that, like the Google Stadia controllers from a few years ago, connected directly to your router and not just the single console. The other major update was improved noise and haptic feedback, something Sony’s PlayStation 5 controller already has. Yesterday’s leaked images don’t show any controller hardware, so this upgraded accessory remains a mystery. But what do you think? Are you okay with the fact that your consoles no longer have a disc drive? (00:03:00) Let me know in the comments and thanks for watching.


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