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At the end of “True detective night countryIn episode 1, a frozen block of naked corpses (seven to be precise) is discovered. Their faces and some limbs protrude from the ice, and their expressions are one of pure terror.

Ennis Police Department Chief Liz Danvers (jodie foster), which has been investigating the disappearance of several researchers from the Tsalal Arctic Research Station, calls the discovery a “dead body.” In Episode 2, the corpse is excavated and transferred to an ice rink. Prosthetic designers Lou and Dave Elsey were in charge of building the giant stage, drawing inspiration from the group of rats known as the “rat king,” sculptures and illustrations like those in “Dante’s Inferno.”

It began with discussions with showrunner Issa López about what the conglomerate would be like and what the position of the bodies would be. She didn’t want a pile of corpses. “It was about telling a story of what these guys went through. She (Issa) wanted to tell individual stories within this mass of flesh,” says Lou Elsey.

To give Lopez a feel for visual storytelling, the prosthetics duo made a rough model with dolls in different positions and heights. Once Lopez approved, the concept was designed on a computer. “We were able to do the iceberg and see through the ice and where their bodies were placed within it,” explains Dan Elsey.

Dave and Lou Elsey/HBO

Next, the actors had to come to Pinewood Studios in London.

Dan Elsey explains: “We asked them to strip down to their underwear and started placing them in complicated and strange positions, individually.”

Dave and Lou Elsey/HBO

The Elseys took detailed body scans of the actors. The heads, hands and feet were made using traditional plaster molds so they could get that finer level of detail.

“Each level had to be marked,” explains Lou Elsey. That meant photographing eyebrows, eyelashes, nose and ear hair and capturing the way the hair grew. “The direction from where the hair grows, to the stubble, was pierced and shaved back. We made them eyeballs and teeth. All.”

Dave and Lou Elsey/HBO

The bodies were made of rigid foam and “we put a quarter of an inch over the sculpture so we could redo the texture of their skin and add detail,” explains Dan Elsey. “We made molds and then produced the bodies in silicone.”

Adds Lou Elsey: “We could add his wounds, the bites, the scratches and the frostbite.”

Dave and Lou Elsey/HBO

In addition to designing the bodies, they had to create the surrounding ice mass. As it was to be shown in different stages of melting, the Elseys built a modular iceberg. Dan Elsey says: “We made the core of the iceberg and looked at how the bodies would fit into it. “We had pieces we could put on and take off, so that as it melted it would get smaller and, if necessary, we could make it go back to how it was before.”

Dave and Lou Elsey/HBO

Production designer Dan Taylor reveals that the first time he had to deal with the body was in the ice rink scenes in the second episode, because the show went out of sequence. “It turned out to be a great way to see how the bodies would behave in a warmer, more hospitable environment.”

The exterior was filmed in Iceland and, to do so, Taylor dug a three-meter hole in the ground to accommodate the giant corpse. Taylor says, “We brought in snowplows to make it look like the snow hadn’t been touched. The idea is that these bodies are found and that no one has been there.”

As for the tongue discovered at the research station, detectives confirmed that it belonged to Annie, a Native woman who had been brutally murdered six years earlier.

To create Annie’s tongue, the Elseys had access to photographs of severed tongues. “You can get cow tongues and animal tongues that people eat, and you can see what they look like and how they discolor,” says Dan Elsey. The accessory was made of silicone. “There are clues in the language that had to be there, little grooves that helped tell the story,” he says.

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