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NothingThe next smartphone from, the Nothing Phone 2a, will be launched on March 5.

The company sent media invitations for the streamed presentation, titled “Fresh Eyes,” and posted an accompanying video on YouTube.

The video, as expected, doesn’t provide many specific details about the upcoming phone itself, although we do know that it will be the first entry-level/mid-range phone to come from Nothing. Instead, the company’s founder, Carl Pei (aka co-founder of OnePlus), shares his smartphone manufacturing philosophy and there are some interesting insights in the video. When the host asked him about the Nothing Phone 2a, he said that mid-range phones typically don’t get attention because big companies “don’t care” and just “outsource everything.”

Pei puts a lot of emphasis on bloatware, which apparently will not be preinstalled on the Nothing Phone 2a. He also notes that other smartphone manufacturers use “cheap materials,” implying that the Nothing Phone 2a will be made with more premium materials.

As for what we can expect from the Nothing Phone 2a, Pei says the focus was on “great performance” and a “great camera,” while maintaining the brand’s unique design.

Speaking of design, the video also features industrial designer Chris Weightman. Interestingly, he hints that the Nothing Phone 2a won’t just be a cheaper version of the company’s model. nothing phone 2; instead, Nothing attempts to bring something “very new and fresh to the market.”

The inauguration is scheduled for 6:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, March 5. The live stream will be available on

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