Oclean X Ultra toothbrush offers feedback on how clean your teeth are| Trending Viral hub

If you feel like you need more technology to clean your teeth, Olcean presents a toothbrush in CES 2024.

The upcoming Oclean Five brushing modes tailored to specific needs and times of day are controlled by an interactive touchscreen that provides instant feedback on areas that might need more attention, while real-time AI voice guidance offers tips to help you improve your brushing performance. technique.

Oh, and as the name suggests, it has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can pair it with your home network. If you take your toothbrush on a trip, it will store the information it collects about your recent brushing until it can automatically download the information to the accompanying app. It also has Bluetooth connectivity.

The Oclean X Ultra comes in two colors, black and green, and promises 40 days of battery life via wireless charging. It also comes with a handy wall mount. This toothbrush, which is already available in Europe, will launch in the United States this fall for a whopping $130.

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