Pedro Pascal joins Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’ monologue to make it sexier


Live from new york Saturday nightmulti-hyphenate (and recent Rolling Stone cover star) Benedict Anthony Martinez Occasion, alias bad bunnymade his hosting debut in Saturday night live. The “King of Latin Trap,” WWE wrestler and rising actor, with recent roles opposite Brad Pitt in the high-octane action film. Bullet train and as lover of Gael García Bernal in wrestling drama cassanderNot only did he show off his comedic skills but he also served as the night’s musical guest.

Wearing a boxy suit and sunglasses, he began his monologue by introducing himself: “Thank you very much. My name is Benito and I am very excited to be here. Giant Saturday – Oh I’m sorry. SNL,” he said. “People wonder if I can host this show because English is not my first language. I don’t know if you know this, but… I do what I want.”

“I can present this program in English. I can order McDonald’s in English. I can have sex in English. But I prefer sex in Spanish because it’s very… I just prefer Spanish,” she added.

He then delivered a portion of his monologue in Spanish, acknowledging his native Puerto Rico, with the caption “SPEAKING A MORE SEXUAL LANGUAGE,” before introducing none other than Peter Pascal (!) as your translator.

After delivering a long statement in Spanish, Pascal jokingly translated it as: “He says I’m lucky to be here with my favorite actor, Pedro Pascal.”

“I know what you’re doing, Pedro.” bad bunny answered. “YO know. But could you at least give me some advice about my monologue?


“I always find it charming when you make a self-deprecating joke. It’s like you’re making a joke about a part of your body or face that doesn’t flatter you,” Pascal said.

“I have none!” Bad Bunny exclaimed.

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