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combat memesthe most popular new gaming platform in the Web3 space and one of the most successful token sales of the year, has reached a $7 million milestone.

Launched on September 25, Meme Kombat quickly became a major player in the meme coin sector, attracting interest from the crypto community and notable analysts.

Beyond their same corner status and the unique GambleFi app, a crucial element that contributes to its success is the attractive betting APY.

Meme Kombat’s Strategic Tokenomics and Staking Appeal Ensure Investor Confidence

combat memes is intended to encourage long-term token holding by introducing a betting mechanism within its ecosystem. $MK holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens on the Meme Kombat platform, earning an attractive annual percentage yield (APY) of 129%.

Additionally, users of the platform must stake tokens to access its various features. Upon purchasing $MK during the pre-sale, investors’ tokens are automatically staked into the ecosystem.

However, it is mandatory for all investors to re-stake their holdings at least once after the pre-sale concludes in order to benefit from the pre-sale APYs. The lockout period for this requirement is a short 14 days.

Consequently, an increase in token locking by investors could potentially drive up the price due to restricted circulating supply. Currently, there are already over 30 million $MK tokens up for grabs, demonstrating strong initial interest.

In addition to the attractive betting rewards, Meme Kombat distinguishes itself from other meme coins with its strategic tokenomics designed for long-term viability.

The pre-sale will make 50% of $MK tokens available, with 10% allocated to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, 10% for community rewards and 30% for staking rewards.

This ensures that the project remains 100% community-owned and decentralized, fostering a sustainable community and contributing to price stability.

As of the last update, the Meme Kombat pre-sale has successfully raised over $7.2 million, and each $MK token is priced at $0.279. The pre-sale accepts payments in ETH, USDT and BNB.

Watch the video above for a detailed update on the Meme Kombat pre-sale and follow along Youtube channel for more cryptocurrency related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a discord channel with 20,000 members where users can get trading advice and stay informed about upcoming cryptocurrency pre-sales.

Meme Kombat’s play-to-earn ecosystem redefines gaming standards

combat memes effectively addresses several criticisms associated with the first generation Play to win (P2E), particularly the high entry costs and the predominant user base that are merchants rather than gamers.

By fusing the playful, meme-driven charm of meme coins with the growing trend of cryptocurrency gambling, Meme Kombat stands out because it eliminates the need for users to invest in expensive NFTs, a requirement in other P2E games.

In the Meme Kombat space, users engage in battles with meme coin characters within a virtual arena, earning rewards for their prowess. This arena serves as a dynamic ecosystem where various meme coin characters participate in duels and fights.

With your $MK holdings, you can purchase various avatars, each with unique abilities and fighting styles. The release of Battlegrounds will follow a seasonal format, allowing developers ample time to introduce new challenges and rewards.

Season 1, which will launch shortly after the conclusion of the $MK pre-sale, will feature 11 meme coin characters. Players can participate in various modes, challenging opponents and earning tokens and rewards.

To add to the excitement, the Battleground allows $MK bets on match outcomes, giving members the opportunity to earn additional rewards through successful predictions. The game features Player versus Player (PvP) matches and several Player versus Game (PvG) modes.

The platform also offers an optimized version of PvG through direct betting, allowing users to bet on specific characters or battles. Additionally, Side Action Betting introduces a unique dimension, allowing users to bet on dynamic elements within battles, offering greater user control.

The platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to enrich the game. AI elements such as dynamic display enhance the realism of battle images, while the AI ​​mechanism ensures random and unpredictable battle sequences, providing an exciting gaming experience.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Meme Kombat leverages the network’s strong security features to ensure transparency and security throughout the game. To participate in the $MK pre-sale visit

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