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Those living in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala were less impacted by inflation in January than the national figure.

A total of 12 of 23 states and UTs recorded inflation lower than the all-India figure of 5.1 per cent. For example, it was 2.56 per cent in Delhi, 3.93 per cent in Madhya Pradesh and 4.04 per cent in Kerala.

The government data provides information on states and UTs with a population of more than 5 million, as per the latest census. Ten states had higher inflation figures including Odisha (7.55 per cent), Telangana (6.34 per cent) and Haryana (6.24 per cent). A global comparison shows that inflation in the five largest economies, excluding India and China, which are classified as emerging, has been declining for much of the past year. According to the latest reading in December, it is 4 percent in the United Kingdom, 2.6 percent in Japan and 3.4 percent in the United States. Germany (3.1 percent) and France (3.4 percent) have published data for January.

Emerging markets have shown a mixed trend. While China experienced deflation for the fourth consecutive month in January, the rest have generally shown inflation that has remained higher than in advanced economies.


First published: February 12, 2024 | 23:50 IS


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