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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister spoke of ‘significant risk of misuse’ when powerful technology like AI is put into unskilled and untrained hands | stock image

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday warned that a powerful technology like AI in unskilled and untrained hands carries a significant risk of misuse, and advocated the need for clarity on the do’s and don’ts and the use of watermarks on AI-generated content to curb misinformation. and deepfake-related harms in society.

In a candid and free conversation with Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, Modi spoke at length about how India has democratized technology for the benefit of its citizens, embracing the power of digital to improve lives, and exuding confidence that the The country will take notable steps in the fourth industrial revolution, which has digital at its core.

During the discussion that touched on a range of topics, from AI to digital public infrastructure, the Prime Minister said that in the case of deepfakes, it is crucial to recognize and identify that a particular deepfake content is generated by AI, along with the appropriate disclosures about its source.

Citing the dangers of AI damage and deepfakes in a society, he said that misusing your voice, for example, can initially mislead and disorient people, leading to widespread uproar.

“It is crucial to recognize that deepfake content is generated by AI and mention its source. These measures are important in the early days. We need to establish what to do and what not to do… we will have to think about it seriously,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister spoke of a “significant risk of misuse” when powerful technology like AI is put into unskilled and untrained hands.

“I suggest we should start with clear watermarks on AI-generated content to avoid misinformation,” he said, adding that the idea is not to devalue AI creations but to recognize them for what they are.

Acknowledging the importance of AI, the Prime Minister described how India extensively leveraged new-age innovations during the G20 Summit. AI also helped translate his speeches into different languages, he said.

In the course of their conversation, the prime minister asked Gates to take a selfie through the Namo app, as he demonstrated a feature powered by AI and facial recognition technology on the popular app. Gates praised India’s technological advancements.

In a witty take on AI, the Prime Minister said that in India, mothers are called ‘Aai’ (a word that sounds similar to AI), adding that children here have become so advanced that they are starting to use the term high technology very soon. early in life.

Modi said if people use AI simply as a “magic tool” or rely on it out of sheer laziness, say when composing letters, it would lead to “great injustice”.

He emphasized that artificial intelligence tools must be leveraged to improve human efficiency and within a field of specialization.

“You have to compete with AI and ChatGPT… you have to strive to surpass their capabilities,” he advised.

The prime minister said he was very clear that he would not allow the digital divide to hamper the country’s progress. India, he said, has built digital public infrastructure and expanded digital facilities and services for the public good.

Modi said data security remains a primary concern and emphasized that while India has a strong legal framework, public awareness is equally crucial.

“We need to empower the common man to get quality data. Secondly, the data owner must be informed about the intentions behind the data requests. If the requester intends to monetize the data through agreements, the consent. Research must be prioritized. “And it is essential to keep the cost of research data affordable,” Modi said.

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First published: Mar 29 2024 | 1:22 PM IS


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