Readers talk about the Jewish dilemma, reusable plastics, and slaughterhouse workers.


SUNDAY Readers talk about the Jewish dilemma.

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Protesters hold a rally in support of a ceasefire in Gaza at the Cannon House Office Building on October 18, 2023 in Washington, DC. Members of the Jewish Voice for Peace and the IfNotNow movement organized a demonstration to call for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas.

This conflict is also internal for many.

Dartmouth, Mass.: American Jews are constantly faced with the question of what position to take toward Israel and the Palestinians, especially when hostilities escalate into atrocities.

Do you identify as Jewish, American, or humanitarian? As a Jew, the memories of the Nazi genocide can never be erased and are forever a reminder of the existential threat facing Jews everywhere. As an American, should strategic, political and financial considerations be the primary concerns as we provide absolute assistance to Israel and possibly provoke an expansion of murderous hostilities? Or should humanitarian and ethical considerations trump all others and dictate the application of proportionality to an incredibly difficult situation?

How far do you go back to justify the position you take? Does historical and incessant anti-Semitism always justify Israel’s seemingly disproportionate responses to aggression, holding all Palestinians responsible for the declared eradication of a Jewish state? Is “Never again” equivalent to “Israel, right or wrong”?

As an American, do you know the international implications of subsidizing Israel even in the face of possible risk of hostilities with other nations? Can the United States afford the financial expense of subsidizing two nations at war simultaneously?

Or should your personal and final verdict be guided by your humanitarian and ethical standards, leaving aside emotional, ethnological, political and strategic motivations? Betty Ussach

lethal hug

Plainview, LI: To host Steven Hyler: You mention that a possible solution seems to be overlooked. He then also mentions that Hamas, the ruling authority of Gaza, should lay down its arms and surrender unconditionally to Israel. It would be a cold day in hell before either side gave up. The only solution would be to give each side the atomic bomb with a button to press after praying at exactly the same time. Whoever survives will finally live together in peace. Frank Mauceri

Refreshing read

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey: I applaud the letter written by broadcaster Andrellos Mitchell about the war in the Middle East. It was excellent and very well written. I share his opinions. It is a pleasure to read comments with so much class. I must add that wars are an attempted solution by the governments of the world for which innocent civilians pay the price. Why can’t there be a peaceful solution that is fair to everyone involved? Georgia Dolack

curious drop

Long Branch, New Jersey: Could someone explain to me why gas prices are going down? There are two wars going on. Neither Russia, Saudi Arabia nor any other OPEC member has increased oil production, COVID-19 is mostly over, kids are back in school, people are back at work, and people are driving again. So what is causing gas prices to drop? Lenzy Kelley

In memory

Commack, LI: Every year on October 22, my thoughts are with my Dutch grandfather, Louis Kloot. I have traced his family back to the year 1550, in Amsterdam. I never got to know him, my Dutch grandmother, Anna, or my uncle Juda. It also turns out that they were Jews. My grandfather threw a note from the train on the way to Auschwitz, wishing my mother the best with the birth of her baby. He died on October 22, 1942, the day I was born in a Catholic hospital 25 kilometers from Amsterdam. May he and my family members who lost their lives during the Holocaust be never forgotten. Yvonne Fitzner


Manhattan: It’s a small thing, but I enjoyed Friday’s “Between the Lines” strip. After the initial reading, I reread it and waited the required beat before reading the second bubble. Now I’m going to look for the song and listen to it. vanessa enger

Hug him

Brooklyn: Announcer Maxim Veksler objects to “a middle-aged lady” yelling at him and forcing him to learn “things” he won’t use after he turns 21. Guess what? Smart people never stop learning. Enjoy your time at school. Learn everything. No one ever suffered for a good education. Change your attitude and improve your prospects and your future. Anne Slamka

Reduce reuse recycle

Bennington, Vermont: I recently read an article about recycling that stated that “recycling is cleaner and more energy efficient than extracting, refining, and processing new elements from raw resources.” I think this is an important topic. While 30 years ago, recycling (and companies actually breaking it down and reusing it) would have done wonders to stop the hole we’ve dug ourselves into, recycling is no longer enough. The only way to make real progress on the climate change crisis is to reduce sources – that is, reduce the amount of plastic we make, use and recycle, and create and switch to more plastic-free alternatives. This can mean using glass containers for restaurant leftovers, using reusable napkins and cups, and challenging businesses to use biodegradable packaging. Many plastics have an average lifespan of about an hour before being thrown away and cannot be recycled. We have the means to make this change. Lindsey M. Leggett

The right and wrong boy

Scarsdale, New York: I am baffled and surprised that Republicans failed to elect Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House. He has all the qualities that they seem to embrace. He is a mediocre congressman who never created any legislation. He seemed to be a man given to questionable character and ethics. And finally, to me, Jordan always showed that he was more of a wrestling coach than a congressman. Harvey Wielstein

Is the tide turning?

New City, New York: In light of the “flippers” against Trump, I have a modicum of hope for us that this will turn the tide of misinformation (lies) in politics and expose the 2020 election lies perpetrated by the former president . Will his followers begin to see that he used them for his own selfish and greedy purposes? Can the truth be valid again in the United States? There is no other way to survive if not. Christina Gerardo

Shortstop disappointed

Somers, NY: Thursday’s Daily News sports section featured a big headline and article about the Yankees’ Anthony Volpe and Anthony Rizzo as Gold Glove finalists. Well, I have no problem reporting this, although Rizzo He only played in 92 games. Now what I’ve been looking for is an article about Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor being named a Gold Glove finalist. I haven’t seen one yet. The Mets are also a New York team. I find the selective reporting disturbing. Please give your credit to the Mets and Lindor. miguel gold

house of horrors

Washington: With Halloween just around the corner, people are flocking to haunted houses, many of which are slaughterhouse-themed, with slaughterhouse workers or butchers as the villains. But the reality is that they suffer along with the animals they kill. It is no surprise that slaughterhouses are merciless places. The animals that enter face gruesome deaths, often after equally short and horrible lives. It’s easy to blame your suffering solely on the person who ends your life, but firsthand accounts from slaughterhouse workers show that the disregard for the well-being of living beings includes humans. Workers suffer physically and mentally, including from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Pushed to the limit by corporate demands, slaughterhouse workers often have nowhere else to go and have few or no resources available. This Halloween, dress up as something really scary, like a Tyson, Perdue, or Smithfield executive. Addison K. Lantz

Back to what?

Manhattan: “New York is back. Back from the pandemic and back in person.” Opinion piece by Fred Krupp (“Congestion pricing is the best way forward in New York”, October 20) starts with this astonishing falsehood and then it only goes downhill from there. New York remains probably the least recovered post-pandemic major city in the U.S. Taking a long walk from downtown to upper Manhattan, one sees endless rows of empty commercial space, including sleek commercial office spaces and small shops. relatives who closed. and I have not returned. Under these circumstances, the city should have thought three times before imposing substantial additional financial burdens on businesses operating here. In fact, congestion pricing will make goods and services significantly more expensive in all New York City boroughs, not just Manhattan, and not just for people who drive cars. That should have been a much bigger part of the discussion before the congestion pricing plan was adopted. Ilya Kapovich

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