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my reaction to Renegade Nell, In one word? Delight.

The new fantasy and adventure series of Happy Valley Creator Sally Wainwright explores Disney+’s more franchise-centric television offerings, highlighting and delivering an original period piece that’s a lot of fun. Thanks to his remixes of British folklore and history, as well as a star of Derry Girls Luisa Harland, Renegade Nell she proves to be as fierce and fun as her bandit heroine.

That Renegade Nell about?

Three young women sit atop a carriage.

Bo Bragason, Florence Keen and Louisa Harland in “Renegade Nell.”
Credit: Rekha Garton/Disney

That heroine is Private Nell Jackson (Harland), recently widowed and returning home after a stint in the war. While the show will see her achieve notoriety as a feared highway robber, she certainly didn’t set out to live a life of crime. In fact, Renegade NellThe opening scene sees her defeating an entire group of bandits in badass fashion. She’s throwing lightning-fast punches, tossing grown men aside like they weigh nothing, and even deflecting bullets with her. bare hands.

If any of this sounds strange or even supernatural to you, you’re right. In reality, Nell is under the surveillance of Billy Blind (Ted LassoNick Mohammed), a winged spirit that flies into Nell’s mouth whenever she is in danger and grants her increased strength and speed. Billy believes he has been sent to protect Nell because she is meant to accomplish great things. What great things? Neither of them knows for sure.

Before Nell can fully process why she has a companion straight out of a fairy tale, she is framed for the murder of a lord and forced to go on the run with her younger sisters, Roxy (Bo Bragason) and George (Florence Keen). With the law turned against her and dark magical forces on her heels, Nell will have to rely on her quick wits, her friends and family, and her newfound powers to clear her name. She’ll also cause some good, old-fashioned disturbances along the way.

Renegade Nell is a fun (albeit overloaded) fantasy game.

Five young men and women dressed in elaborate 18th-century English clothing check into an inn.

Bo Bragason, The Heroes, Frank Dillane, Louisa Harland and Florence Keen in “Renegade Nell.”
Credit: Robert Viglasky/Disney

In addition to Nell’s attempts to prove her innocence, Renegade Nell has a series of subplots at play featuring a cast of colorful characters. There’s the sinister Earl of Poynton (Adrian Lester), who recruits noble siblings Sofia Wilmot (Alice Kremelberg) and Thomas Blancheford (Jake Dunn), whose father Nell is suspected of the murder, in a plot that would wreak havoc across England. Roxy begins a sweet relationship with the Blanchefords’ former stable boy, Rasselas (Ényì Okoronkwo), who reveals to her his past as a slave taken from Benin. And in the upper echelons of society, tabloid mogul (and immaculately named) Lady Eularia Moggerhangar (Joely Richardson) hopes to take advantage of Nell in any way she can.

In his attempts to juggle all this material, plus Billy Blind’s supernatural arc, Renegade Nell At times you may feel unfocused. But still, there’s something charming about the way he throws everything, from magic to musical numbers, against the wall. The phrase “something for everyone” rings especially true here.

Do you love historical TV shows? Feast your eyes with Renegade NellThe 18th century version of England and everything that entails: royal intrigue, wigs galore, and practical sets that feel refreshingly tactile compared to the overuse of digital backgrounds of other Disney+ shows. Looking for something that works well for both kids and adults? Renegade NellThe levels of violence and magic are perfectly suited to younger audiences while being intense enough to thrill action lovers. (Notably, stunt coordinator James Embree was Daniel Craig’s double in Spectrum and There is no time to die.) Plus, viewers of all ages can appreciate Renegade Nellfocuses on the struggle between the haves and the have-nots, and Nell and Billy’s subsequent attempts to bring about real change, even if these themes of class warfare are somewhat lost in an action-packed finale.

Louisa Harland proves that she is a star in Renegade Nell.

A young woman with a fake mustache and tricorn hat looks through a curtain.

Louisa Harland in “Renegade Nell.”
Credit: Rekha Garton/Disney

The glue that holds everything Renegade NellTheir crazy fun together is none other than Harland, who has proven his comedic chops time and time again in Derry Girls. Here, she can unleash all the power of her as the protagonist.

Harland makes a meal with Renegade NellThe dialogue is often laugh out loud, with animated expressions that change so perfectly on a dime that I often had to rewind the lines to take in every facet of his performance. In the show’s devilishly fun fight sequences, she commits to the action like an unleashed demon—appropriate, given Billy Blind’s magical involvement. There’s no stopping her magnetic, cloak-and-dagger antics, to the point that it’s inevitable that at least one of the “victims” of her highway robbery will fall in love with her.

Harland also has great chemistry with everyone there. Renegade Nell. At times, she is a doting older sister to Roxy and George. At other times, she becomes the reluctant companion of people she would rather leave behind, like Rasselas or dandy-turned-bandit Charles Devereux (Frank Dillane). Her dynamic with the latter is particularly scream-worthy: the two trade insults and threats, but always come back to save the other’s skin. Dillane often plays Devereux as likably pathetic, which makes it even better when he is overcome with surprise and elation at Nell’s sheer audacity. Yes all ought be so excited to see Nell in action, and the same goes for Renegade Nell like an everything.

Renegade Nell now streaming on Disney+.

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