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Russell Crowe

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Image credit: Pool Insabato Rovaris/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

It’s you, Russell Crowe? The 59-year-old actor shared new photos of himself clean shaven after five years of sporting a beard. Russell took to X (formerly known as Twitter) earlier this week to show that he shaved off all of his facial hair.

“The actor prepared number 20. First shave since 2019,” he said. tweeted next to the selfie. In the photo, Russell was wearing a pair of glasses and posing for the camera with a stone face.

He beautiful mind The star did not reveal what specific role he shaved his beard for, but he was cast in the film. Nuremberg for the role of Nazi party leader Hermann Göring. Russell will also appear in two upcoming films scheduled for release this year: Kraven the hunter and sleeping dogs.

In response to the new image she shared, social media users couldn’t believe the difference in her previous appearance.

“Wow, you look 20 years younger!” commented one user However, another person pointed out that Russell already had “a pretty face,” but he was “hiding behind all that hair.”

Aside from his physical appearance, Russell recently talked about his work during an interview with PEOPLE. While he was speaking to the publication, the Gladiator The actor recalled a “little mishap” that occurred during filming. Robin Hood, causing him to fracture both legs.

Russell Crowe
Pool Insabato Rovaris/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

“I jumped from a castle portcullis onto uneven ground as hard as a rock,” he explained. “We should have prepared the ground and buried a platform, but we were in a hurry to get the shot with the light getting dimmer. …With hundreds of extras around, arrows flying, and pots burning the castle in flames, there was no way to retreat. As he was jumping, I remember thinking, ‘This is going to hurt.’”

Despite the painful stunt he performed, Russell “never discussed the injury with production, never took a day off for it, just kept working.”

“It was like an electric shock that ran through my body,” he added, referring to the force of the injury. “We were filming an important movie, so it is difficult for you, but the last month of that job was very difficult. “There were several weeks where even walking was a challenge.”

Russell concluded the painful story by noting: “Apparently I finished that movie with both of my legs broken. All for art. “No cast, no splints, no painkillers, I just kept working and over time they healed themselves.”


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