Sam Altman’s attempt to return as OpenAI CEO fails as board turns to former Twitch CEO| Trending Viral hub

Shear co-founded the live streaming platform Twitch, which was sold to Amazon for nearly $1 billion in 2014. He stepped down as CEO in March, ending a 16-year career at Twitch, citing the birth of his first child. Shear moved in some of the same Silicon Valley circles as the CEO whose shoes he now must fill. In 2011, Shear and Altman were named part-time partners at the same time for the startup incubator Y Combinator, which Altman later headed.

Shear describes himself as a techno-optimist, but has expressed deep fears of a rogue, intelligent AI. “This isn’t a matter of figuring it out later, it’s a big deal,” he said on Logan Bartlett’s podcast in June.

Chase, a longtime Twitch spokesperson now at StreamElements who goes by one name, described Shear as “a good candidate to lead OpenAI given his passion for benefiting the many over the few, as he illustrated with Twitch along with his concerns about the potential of AI.” Be dangerous”.

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The story of Altman’s overthrow and quick return raises questions about OpenAI’s governance and long-term prospects. The structure that allowed a small number of people with no ties to the company to decide Altman’s fate was originally intended to keep OpenAI technology beneficial to humanity. has come under new scrutiny. Some investors previously expressed concern about the nonprofit board’s lack of corporate experience.

The saga also points to a schism in the tech industry between those who see generative AI like ChatGPT as a technology to be exploited commercially and those who worry about the risks of pushing the boundaries of something that has proven to be powerful and unpredictable.

News of Altman’s departure surprised investors who have spent billions of dollars funding OpenAI research. Microsoft, a key partner that has pledged $13 billion in financing and provided vast cloud computing resources, led an effort, among other investors, to reinstate Altman.

altman founded OpenAI in 2015 with Brockman, Elon Musk and a small team of leading AI researchers. Their goal was to create an open, nonprofit AI entity as a counterpoint to for-profit companies like Google. The organization would work on developing superhuman AI with the goal of benefiting all of humanity rather than just a few powerful tech companies and their shareholders.

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