Samsung’s 98-inch 8K TV is big, bright and really expensive – Video

Samsung's 98-inch 8K TV is big, bright and really expensive

Speaker 1: Hey guys, in case you don’t know, this is a gigantic TV. This is the 98-inch QN nine 90c, Samsung’s best 8K resolution TV for 2023. Let’s take a look. So the headline here is screen size. Yes, they couldn’t get to a hundred inches, but 98 is the largest LEDLCD TV Samsung makes for 2023. This is absolutely huge. Now, one of the cells for eight (00:00:30) K resolution is that, yes, you’re supposed to be able to stretch that image and still keep it nice and sharp. So 98 inches is the perfect example of that. And looking at it, it actually looks incredibly sharp to me with some of these eightK demo images that Samsung provided here. Of course, the problem with eightK is that there really isn’t much eightK content available. Speaker 1: There is very little at the moment, YouTube is the best source for this. So Samsung makes those YouTube videos pretty easy to find. There’s a dedicated line here within the menu system to jump directly (00:01:00) to those eight thousand videos. But primarily what you’ll see on this TV is four K content, 10 80 B content processed to fit those 33 million pixels. So the way it works is that Samsung has some processing magic. They say they do a little more, even with the 98 inch size, compared to their other sizes to reduce noise and things like that. You’ll get a sharp image at fourK or even 10.80p resolution. But at the end of the day, it will look very similar to something with a smaller screen size. Again, with this really (00:01:30) gigantic size, you get an incredibly immersive image, almost like a projector-sized image. Speaker 1: Of course, unlike a projector, you get really good contrast because it uses mini LED backlighting. This nine 90 C takes advantage of Samsung’s Neo LED backlighting, which again has that increased brightness. 1.5 more dimming zones than Samsung says are available on its four K mini L ed models. A really bright and contrasting image. Again, in my quick look, it actually looked (00:02:00) extremely good. Of course. Now the kicker. What do you think of the costs of a 98-inch TV if you guessed $40,000 ding, ding, ding, you’re a winner? Yes, this is a $40,000 TV. I’m not going to compare inches to dollars in my head, but again, it’s not cheap for this level of screen size and technology with AK resolution. So this 98-inch K TV isn’t the only gigantic and expensive screen we’re going to look at. Next, let’s look at the 85-inch outdoor terrace TV. (00:02:30) Oh, hello. Well, we were just talking about the 98-inch AK TV. This is an 85-inch 4K TV, but guess what? It is made especially for outdoors. Now, Samsung has been selling its line of full-sun terrace outdoor TVs for a while now, but new for 2023 is this gigantic 85-inch size. A couple of differences that set it apart from other TCE televisions, in addition to the large screen size. One is that it has mini LED technology, so it uses the same type of technology found in Samsung’s best Neo Speaker 2: this year’s QLED (00:03:00) TVs. That means it has full range, local dimming, extra brightness from the mini LED, and of course when you’re outside, that extra brightness really pays dividends. Check it out here inside with Samsung’s small fake patio set up. Yes, it looks very, very shiny. But I imagine that with the sun shining, you appreciate that even more. It’s not as bright as Samsung claims as its eight K Neo L and D TVs, but maybe they’ll include it in the technology next year. Another difference is that this television has IP 56 waterproofing. They say that is the equivalent of a burst of water. (00:03:30) I wouldn’t take my pressure washer to this thing no matter how dirty it was, but I guess you could if you really wanted to. Other improvements to this TV are the new game center and smart TV technology found on other Samsung TVs this year. Speaker 2: So you get that enhanced type of cloud gaming experience, including Microsoft Xbox cloud gaming, which is really cool if you want to do some outdoor gaming. As you can imagine, all that fancy outdoor tech will cost you this 85-inch TV that costs around $20,000. But hey, we have a really nice patio. It’s (00:04:00) just another small item on your bill. This is Samsung’s 85-inch Terrace TV, new for outdoor TVs in 2023. We also review the 8-inch 98-inch KQLED TV. Both very expensive, but you know what? They’re probably worth it. If you really want to have that really nice luxury look in your home and you can afford it.

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