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If you’ve ever spent too much time and effort scrubbing wine or pet stains from a carpet, you know that cleaning it quickly is essential. Samsung’s new Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ smart robot vacuum cleaner, presented for the first time in CES in Las VegasIt’s programmed to scan your home for stains as they appear and scrub them away so you don’t have to.
The Jet Bot AI+ smart robot vacuum doesn’t use AI like a chatty personality or a friendly companion that tells you to refill your red wine glass after a spill, but the mop-vacuum combo does rely on powered object recognition. by AI to search for stains. , both fresh and hardened, on your rug or carpet. And yes, it can differentiate between rugs, carpets, and hard floors.

Once a spot of Spot’s urine or Little Timmy’s grape jelly is located, the Jet Bot will return to its base to steam-heat the mop pads and return with a vengeance. Back to the stain, Jet Bot’s wild spin mop is designed to clean it at 170 RPM.

Samsung says the smart Jet Bot also knows where to go and where not to. The robot is designed to work within mapped areas that you configure and avoids no-go zones. This would prevent your new $1,000+ household helper from jumping off an open balcony or falling down a flight of stairs.

Red wine stain on the carpet.

A red wine stain can ruin your carpet’s day.

Brian Bennett/CNET

And these are just the new characteristics. The Jet Bot uses existing object recognition to locate piles of dirt, dust, and spills on hardwood floors to clean them as they happen. And, if you have an unruly terrier or a two-year-old, you’re familiar with how often disasters strike.

So does it really work? I will see the smart robot vacuum mop in action in CES this week and we will report back with the findings. Samsung says the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ will be available later this year. Pricing details are not yet available.

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