Save up to 86% on Surfshark VPN with these early Black Friday deals


Invest in a virtual private network, or VPN, is a good idea for almost everyone. VPNs help encrypt your Internet connection, protecting your data while you’re online so you can browse the web with confidence. They also open up a wider variety of globalized streaming entertainment options.

Black Friday may be almost a month away, but that hasn’t stopped some companies from launching early deals that you can take advantage of right now. In fact, one of our favorite VPN services, surfer sharkis offering a stellar discount, slashing prices by up to 86% and offering up to five months free.

Surfshark is easy to use and offers many security features that make it a solid choice for people looking to protect themselves online. Surfshark also lets you use your subscription on an unlimited number of devices, which is convenient for large families, and the cost is competitive too, which is why it earned CNET’s Editors’ Choice award for Best Value VPN in 2022.

There is three main offers happening now. For the lowest monthly cost, you can sign up for the Surfshark Starter plan. It’s 86% off the price and offers three months free with a two-year subscription, giving you a total of 27 months of Surfshark VPN for just $2.21 a month, billed at $59.76 up front.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive protection, you might want to opt for the Surfshark One plan. It’s 85% off right now and comes with an additional four months of service, giving you a total of 28 months for just $2.73 per month, billed at $76.56 in advance. Also comes with antivirus protectionalerts you to data breaches and gives you access to a private search engine.

And if you want the longest subscription with the most features, Surfshark One Plus may be the right plan for you. It gives you a whopping five months of free service on a two-year plan, meaning you’ll get a total of 29 months of Surfshark VPN for just $4.11 a month, billed at $119.28 up front. That’s an 80% discount. You’ll get all the features listed above, plus access to Surfshark’s sister. Unknown service that will help you delete your data from both company databases and people search sites. That should make you less vulnerable to someone getting your information, at least for a while.

Whichever plan you choose, you’ll benefit from a secure Internet connection and get a great price for more than two years of service. However, if you want to see what other options we recommend, check out our summary of VPN Offers happening now.

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