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A missing mammal rediscovered in Indonesia, a fast new dinosaur species in Brazil, Ivory Coast chimpanzees sniffing out their neighbors and much more in this month’s Quick Hits.

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Actions are stabilized to reduce poisoning and electrocutions due to power lines The endangered Egyptian vultureThe population of the Balkans. These birds often die along their migratory route through 14 countries; There are only about 50 breeding pairs left.


Fossilized dinosaur footprints discovered in southern Brazil in the 1980s They do not belong to any known species, shows new research. The desert-dwelling carnivore has been named Farlowichnus is fast because his steps were far apart, suggesting that he was a fast runner.


For a long time it was believed that the landscape of ancient Europe was a dense forest. But now pollen samples have been found from the interglacial period between 115,000 and 130,000 years ago. revealed a mix of grassland and light forest biomes, perhaps maintained by large herbivores such as elephants that trampled or foraged on smaller trees.


Greenland’s glaciers have receded twice as fast in the last two decades as in the 20th century—from seven or eight meters a year to about 15 a year. Archival images and recent satellite photographs showed the drastic acceleration.


The Attenborough long-beaked echidna, named after naturalist David Attenborough, was seen for the first time since 1961 using trail cameras in the Cyclops Mountains. This spiky egg-laying mammal had only been scientifically recorded once before; Its shy and nocturnal character makes it difficult to find.


Researchers spotted chimpanzees in Tai National Park climb to higher ground to spy on neighboring rivals, reflecting an ancient human military strategy. Chimpanzees also patrolled their borders to listen for enemies, and closer rivals were less likely to enter an adversary’s territory.

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