Scientists chase total solar eclipse with NASA jets | Trending Viral hub


In the past, solar eclipses have driven numerous scientific discoveries. For this solar eclipse, NASA is funding various scientific experiments –including the three used by the WB-57– to make measurements during the eclipse. NASA’s WB-57s fly much higher than commercial airliners. This altitude allows planes to fly above the clouds, meaning there is no chance of missing the eclipse due to bad weather. Additionally, the height puts the jets above most of Earth’s atmosphere, allowing cameras to take sharper images and capture wavelengths, such as infrared light, that don’t reach the ground. Since planes can travel at 460 miles per hour, they can also extend the time they spend in the Moon’s shadow. While the eclipse will last no more than four and a half minutes anywhere on Earth, planes will see an eclipse that will last about 25 percent longer, more than 6 minutes and 22 seconds.


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