Second tranche of Indian humanitarian aid for Palestine reaches Egypt| Trending Viral hub

The second tranche of humanitarian aid for the people of Palestine has arrived in Egypt.

The relief material has been delivered to the Egyptian Red Crescent for later transmission to Palestine.

Sharing this on social media Egyptian Red Moon for later transmission to Palestine.”

The second C17 aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF), carrying 32 tonnes of aid for civilians in Gaza caught in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, left on Sunday morning for El-Arish airport in Egypt.

Taking his official name at @IAF_MCC C17 carrying 32 tons of aid to El-Arish airport in Egypt.”

Earlier, India sent 38 tonnes of humanitarian aid for civilians trapped in the ongoing ground offensive by Israeli forces in the Strip.

The aid package included fluids and painkillers. The relief material, which weighed approximately 32 tons, also included tents, sleeping bags, tarps, basic sanitation and water purification tablets, among other items.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson recently said that India was planning to send more humanitarian assistance to affected civilians in the region.

He said India has always emphasized the need to avoid civilian casualties in the ongoing military operations in Gaza.

“This is not a specific facility,” Bagchi said, adding that “India has always stressed the need to avoid civilian casualties, respect humanitarian law and encourage any efforts to provide humanitarian aid to those trapped in the conflict.

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