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Shannen Doherty revealed that he has been getting rid of some of his material possessions while in his battle against cancer in a new episode of his podcast Let’s be clear on Monday, April 1. The actress, 52, admitted that she has been leaving some things aside “just in case” she passes away during her battle with cancer. She admitted that part of that reason is fear of passing away before her mother.

Shannen explained that her mother is her main concern during her battle against cancer. “I know it will be difficult for her if I die before her,” he said in the podcastby Page six. “Because it’s going to be so difficult for her, I want other things to be much easier. I don’t want her to have a lot of things to deal with. I don’t want her to have four storage units full of furniture.”

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In addition to helping others, Beverly Hills, 90210 The student admitted that it didn’t seem worth keeping antiques in a storage unit. “I don’t enjoy it and others don’t enjoy it, and do I really need any of that? Do I need to have three dining tables? she said, for People. “The answer is no, none of us really need all the things we have, and we could all do with downsizing a little and not become hoarders, which I was doing with all my furniture.”

Shannen revealed that she had recently taken a trip to clean up a property she owns in Tennessee. She said it was a “tough” and “emotional” process. “I felt like I was giving up this dream of building this property, putting in a house for myself and a house for my mom and then adding to the barn,” she said. “I was packing and started crying… I felt like I was giving up on a dream and what did that mean to me? Did it mean he was giving up on life? Did that mean he was throwing in the towel?

While it has been difficult for Shannen to get rid of her possessions, she admitted that she has enjoyed getting to them. spend time traveling With his Mom. “I can build different memories, I can build memories with the people I love. “I’m not digging into the money in my estate that will ensure that everyone in my life is taken care of,” she said.

Shannen had first revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Two years later she was in remission, but in 2020 she announced that it had returned and was in stage 4. updates about your cancer battle on the road. In September 2023, he announced that he still he had a lot of fight left in it after receiving a standing ovation at a Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion panel at 90s Con. “I have a fight for my life, which I deal with every day. I think I’m really cool,” she said.

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