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The Tearaway Dragon Coin $SMOG blew its fiery abundance upon its holders this weekend when it reached three major milestones.

Firstly, $SMOG hit an all-time high price above $0.127 over the weekend while advancing one decimal place, a very bullish stance as meme season gathers pace.

This price action brought Smog Token’s circulation-adjusted market capitalization ever closer to the hallowed $100 million mark, a sensational feat for the young and hungry Solana dragon.

Secondly, the number of $SMOG holders went from 32,000 on Friday, March 1 to more than 43k at the end of the weekend of Monday, March 4, 2024, indicating the feverish demand this coin has already unlocked.

Third, $SMOG is now in Jupiter’s orbit. strict listmeaning it has been vetted as a primary token offering by the decentralized exchange (DEX) developer team, adding a new seal of approval and validity to this barely month-old cryptocurrency.

Massive airdrop coming for $SMOG holders as whales approach

In addition to the weekend’s events, as of March 4, over one million missions have been completed for the mysterious $SMOG airdrop, another narrative that sends Smog toward new highs as ‘The Biggest’ approaches. Solana air launch of all time’.

Interested in joining the airdrop? Simply buy $SMOG on a Solana DEX or the official site website and go to the project page. Zealy Page to start searching!

There are many ways for participants to earn rewards. Register for the smog sheet community social networks, trade $SMOG, embark on daily, weekly or monthly missions, write bullish comments on CoinMarketCap and check out the many other activities that pay $SMOG.

Some big buying started flowing into $SMOG over the weekend. With Solana activity expected to increase in volume as retail enters the cryptocurrency market in the coming months, it appears that whale traders have spotted the golden opportunity offered by Smog’s compelling narrative.

Is Smog the best of the new Meme coins?

Smog, Dogecoin, Bonk, Pepe, Shiba Inu… Most of these tokens have posted three-figure percentage gains or close to them in the last seven days and all of them far outperform market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum during the same period. .

Its popularity highlights the capricious volatility that attracted many to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Meme coins leverage the cultural capital of their underlying meme and use viral marketing to get their names out there. Why are coins based on the doge meme so popular? Because the entire Internet loves Doge and so do its cryptocurrency-owning inhabitants.

Smoke ($SMOG) It is a great example of a valuable meme stock because it has underlying value. The Solana and Ethereum-based token was listed a few weeks ago on the Jupiter and Birdeye DEX aggregators.

Has increased more than 2,500% since then, thanks to its attractive airdrop system and the fact that the protocol promises great rewards for investors who can hold more $SMOG tokens for longer.

$SMOG Offers 10% Discount and Unmatched Staking APY on Ethereum

However, Smog Token offers so much more utility than its meme coin peers that one could argue that it is still largely undervalued. In addition to the future airdrop value holders will receive, $SMOG is the only multi-chain meme token that offers both the speed and efficiency of Solana and the DeFi capabilities of Ethereum.

About 35% of the 1.4 billion token supply is earmarked for community participants, who can purchase and stake $SMOG over the counter (OTC) directly on the market. smog website. OTC buyers receive a 10% discount and 42% APY for staking their tokens on the verified smart contract, plus additional airdrop points.

Half of the total supply of $SMOG is being deployed in a comprehensive strategic marketing effort that puts the green dragon front and center on major crypto platforms, with an additional 10% earmarked for listings on the centralized exchange (CEX) and 5% already allocated to healthy sectors. Decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity.

Jump over the smog and fly with the dragon to glory

To participate in the Smog ecosystem requires the use of a Solana-compatible wallet like Phantom or a native Ethereum solution like MetaMask.

Users can exchange SOL, USDT or BONK tokens for SMOG Through the bird’s eye either Jupiter DEX aggregators. Alternatively, use your ERC-20 tokens to buy and stake $SMOG on the Ethereum network on the project website. smogtoken.com.

Join the Smog community on X (Twitter), Discordand Telegram to stay up to date with the latest news and updates.

Will Smog unseat the numerous dogs of the meme coin field and become the top of the food chain? Nobody knows, but if you want to help Smog in the search for him, he explores for yourself and buy $SMOG here.

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