Stephen Colbert asking Christopher Nolan about his ‘no Uggs on set’ rule is high-level journalism| Trending Viral hub

Stephen Colbert conducted a wide-ranging interview with Christopher Nolan on Wednesday late showspeaking at length with the filmmaker about characters like oppenheimer and Principle.

But they also took their time to clear up some rumors. That is, does Nolan have an email address (he doesn’t) and does he own a smartphone (Nor, although he “carries a dumb pay-as-you-go phone” when he needs it.)

Finally, Colbert brought out his big guns: Is it true that Nolan doesn’t allow Uggs on set? Apparently the answer is yes, but it’s just a rule that applies to him and the actors.

“Even though we’re all immersed in this absurd process where this wall is real but there are lights and a guy with a microphone, you’re asking the actor to focus on reality,” Nolan explains. “So anything you can do, like wearing the right shoes or not changing your pants…anything we can do to keep that reality, that bubble, intact.”

“So the crew can keep their feet warm?” chimes in Colbert.

“The crew can have warm feet, yes,” laughs Nolan.

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