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Last year, studios continued to reduce their spending on new television shows. A pair of strikes paralyzed Hollywood for several months, disrupting new releases of television shows and movies.

And yet, Americans continued to broadcast.

The time people watched streaming services on their TVs last year increased 21 percent from 2022, according to a year-end review of streaming trends by Nielsen, the media research firm. There were nearly a million TV shows and movies that Americans could choose from on more than 90 streaming services.

What did they see? Turns out there are a lot of reruns.

Here’s a look at some of the trends.

It is well established that “Suits,” the USA Network legal procedural that aired from 2011 to 2019, was an unexpected hit on streaming last year. Netflix subscribers began devouring it over the summer. They broke records in the process.

“Suits,” with 57.7 billion minutes of viewing in 2023, eclipsed both “The Office” in 2020 and “Stranger Things” in 2022 (when its fourth season premiered) as the most-streamed show on television in a single year. . , according to Nielsen. (The research firm began publishing annual figures in 2020.)

“Suits” was probably new to most viewers who watched it on Netflix, said Brian Fuhrer, senior vice president of product at Nielsen.

“For all intents and purposes, ‘Suits’ was an original on Netflix because that cohort of viewers, you know, certainly didn’t watch it in the United States,” he said. “When it flows into this really broad footprint on Netflix, it might as well be an original.”

The program’s influence could last for years. Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, recently speculated that because of the show’s popularity, networks and studios would start commissioning “a ton of lawyer shows.”

“Cocomelon” enjoyed the number one position in children’s shows during each of the previous two years.

Not anymore. “Bluey” is now the king of children’s television shows, with 43.9 billion minutes broadcast in 2023, comfortably surpassing “Cocomelon.”

Children’s shows rely on a nearly endless diet of repeat viewings, and Fuhrer said there was probably “some degree of burnout” with “Cocomelon.”

There is one caveat: “Bluey” is more popular with slightly older kids, ages 6 and up, Fuhrer said. “Cocomelon” is most popular with children 5 years old and younger. The capture? Nielsen only tracks viewers ages 2 and up.

It’s no secret that the oldest network shows are popular streaming. Year after year, shows like “NCIS” and “Grey’s Anatomy” populate Nielsen’s most-watched lists. (And everyone benefits from having hundreds of episodes, which increases total viewing time.)

But the share of older programs increased even more last year. “Friends,” for example, had 14 billion minutes of airtime in 2022. But last year, the show, which airs on Max, aired for 25 billion minutes. (The series exploded In popularity following the unexpected death of one of its stars, Matthew Perry, in October).

The original shows were less popular. Last year, the top 10 most-watched original shows accounted for 134 billion minutes of viewing time, a 32 percent decline from the top 10 original shows in 2022.

The studios are free again. rent TV shows from Netflix, after years of withholding content for its own streaming services, and that was also a factor, Fuhrer said. Warner Bros. licensed “Young Sheldon” to Netflix in November, and the show quickly began generating big numbers.

And more is coming: the HBO classic “Sex and the City” coming to netflix in April.

Apple TV+ takes up less space than many streaming platforms, but it still has some bragging rights.

The final season of “Ted Lasso,” which premiered in 2023 and is believed to be the show’s last, was the No. 1 streaming original show, with 16.9 billion minutes aired. Fuhrer said the length of his episodes, which were mostly one hour for the third season last year, played a role.

Netflix series such as “The Night Agent,” “Ginny & Georgia,” “Virgin River” and “Love Is Blind” topped the Nielsen list, as did Prime Video’s “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” and “ Star Wars” on Disney+. “The Mandalorian” series.

The most streamed movie in 2023 was Disney’s 2016 film “Moana.” The film took the top spot for the first time, beating 2022’s top performer, “Enchantment,” another Disney film, which took second place last year.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” a 2023 film streaming on Netflix and Peacock, took third place. “Elemental,” on Disney+, took fourth place.

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