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I’m the type of person who finishes a cup of coffee after it has lost all of its initial heat. I won’t enjoy it, but I will do it. I could walk from my desk to the microwave to reheat it, but I’ve burned too many coffees and that’s not any more pleasant.

Are the early Black Friday sales a good time to buy?

Many retailers start “Black Friday” sales as early as Halloween, or even before. The quality of the deals may vary from the start, but as November progresses, many of the deals are just as good as the deep discounts you’ll see over Thanksgiving weekend. Watch the best black friday deals we have found and keep up to date with the latest offers with our complete Black Friday Live Blog coverage.

Enter the Mr. Coffee Cup Warmer, now 25% off for $15 at Amazon. Even at full price ($20), the enjoyment of the coffee is worth every penny to me. And having something nearby to warm my hands during the cold, gray Michigan winters in a drafty old house has been a huge plus.

Admittedly, my heater is showing some signs of wear after a year of heavy use. Some of the black finish on the heating element is peeling off to reveal the bare metal underneath. It doesn’t look like it’s built to withstand a lot of abuse, but I have no complaints after using its services for hours a day for months.

Mr. Coffee (no need to call him Mr. Coffee, but it sounds like he is) will probably play less now that I’ve moved to Arizona. But whether it’s a day in the low 20s or 60 degrees, sometimes all I want is a hot drink that stays hot.

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