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Taylor Swift

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It’s a love story, baby, just say yes! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce danced and kissed his hit song “Love Story” at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl after-party in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 11. a video Shared on Twitter, the 34-year-old stars show off their dance moves as a techno version of the song plays at the party. Taylor then leans into her boyfriend and they share a romantic kiss. Taylor wore a shiny black jacket to the after-party, while Travis wore a plain black shirt.

In another video From the party, Travis dances behind the DJ booth to a remix of Taylor’s song “You Belong With Me.” The tight end raises his hands as he recites the lyrics to the romantic song. TO second video, taken from a different angle, shows Taylor pointing at Travis when “You Belong With Me” plays in the club. Taylor had a drink in her hand and was in the middle of the crowd, a little distance away from her boyfriend.

Taylor went to Super Bowl LVIII to cheer on Travis and the Chiefs. The “Cruel Summer” singer sat in a private suite with her friends. Blake Lively and ice spice, and had so many epic reactions throughout the game. She went out to the field with Travis’s mother. Diana Kelce to celebrate after the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. taylor and travis passionately made on the field in front of the cameras. Taylor also had a big smile on her face as he watched Travis deliver his victory speech.

taylor flew from tokyoJapan, where he performed in his tour of eras, just one day before the super bowl. He was previously at the Chiefs’ AFC Championship game on Jan. 28, where the pair also packaged in PDA in the field later. The two stars even proclaimed his love for each other as cameras captured the moment two weeks before the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kiss at the 2024 Super Bowl (Photo: Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire)

Including the Super Bowl, Taylor attended 13 Chiefs games since September to support his man. taylor and travis They have proven that no matter where they are in the world, they will find time to be there for each other. Travis even flew to South America at the end of 2023 to cheer on his girlfriend at one of his concerts. The athlete could not attend the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 4 with Taylor because he was preparing for the Super Bowl, but showed his support for Taylor after she won Album of the Year for her 2022 album. midnight.

She’s amazing”he said before predicting his next victory, according to PEOPLE. “I told him I’d have to keep my end of the deal and come home with the hardware too.”

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