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In their most epic relationship moment yet, Taylor Swift34 years old, was seen celebrating in the countryside with her boyfriend. Travis Kelce34 years, after the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on February 11. In the photos you can see here, the pop star and her two-time Super Bowl champion kissed passionately on the field. Taylor took off her red jacket and cupped Travis’s face in her hands for the sweet moment, and Travis looked excited with the breathless PDA. A crowd of onlookers and cameras closed in on them during their sweet, globally accessible moment, a stark contrast to Taylor’s ultra-private past relationships.

Donna KelceTaylor Swift
PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

In other photos, she was seen snuggling with Travis’ mom. Diana Kelce, and holding his hand after the great victory. In overtime, the Chiefs were victorious against the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22, with Patrick Mahomes throwing the winning touchdown.

taylor flew from tokyoJapan, where he performed in his tour of eras, just one day before the big game. she was seen early in the game Sunday in a private suite with mom Andrea Swiftbest friend Blake Livelyand friend ice spice. Also in the star-studded suite was Travis’ brother. Jason Kelcewho faced each other in last year’s Super Bowl, and Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce.

Taylor looked stunning in an all-American ponytail, her signature red lipstick, and a number 87 necklace in support of her guy. She slayed a black corset with matching black pants with elegant crystal-studded cutouts and a red dress. WEAR by Erin Andrews Bomber jacket embellished with the KC Chiefs logo.

The moment was not entirely unexpected. Since they went public in October 2023, they have been showing their love with sweet PDA appearances around the world. In fact, when the Chiefs emerged victorious after the AFC Championship game on Jan. 28, propelling them to the Super Bowl for the second straight year, Taylor ran onto the field to plant enthusiastic fans. hugs and kisses in Travis. Both proclaimed his love for each other as the cameras captured the moment.

Both Taylor and Travis seem to be at the top of their respective careers. Just a week before Super Bowl LVIII, Taylor attended the Solo Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in a sweep white strapless dress. There, he managed to score a coveted Album of the Year win for his 2022 album. midnighthe fourth AOTY in his career. She also took home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album for the album.

Later, Travis gushed about the big wins. “She’s amazing”he said before predicting his next victory, according to PEOPLE. “I told him I’d have to keep my end of the deal and come home with the hardware too.”

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