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The price of LUNC fell following the recent news that Terraform Labs did not register either LUNA or MIR as securities. Is an upward reversal possible soon?

Many new investors are attracted by the possibility of making big profits, remembering the high points that Terra Classic (LUNC) experienced previously.

However, it is crucial to evaluate your current situation and market dynamics to make well-informed investment decisions.

LUNC Price Analysis

In this analysis, we explore a big question in the crypto community: Can Terra Classic (LUNC) reach the dollar? At the moment, Terra Classic is ranked 81st in the cryptocurrency ranking. Many investors, especially those new to the sector, often focus on the price of the token rather than looking at things like market capitalization.

People are speculating about the possibility of LUNC reaching $1 based on its past high of $120. To determine if LUNC can reach $1, we must understand the relationship between price, circulating supply, and market capitalization.

Currently, LUNC has a circulating supply of 5.8 trillion LUNC. For the token to be worth $1, the market capitalization would have to be a whopping $5.8 trillion. Comparing this to established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, with a market capitalization of less than $1 trillion, raises questions about the viability of LUNC’s $1 goal.

Achieving such a market capitalization seems unlikely unless drastic measures are implemented, such as a significant burn mechanism (e.g. a 95% burn). Terra 2.0 is at $0.88, which makes hitting $1 seem more plausible considering its proximity to the target.

A $1 valuation for Terra 2.0 would mean substantial returns for investors, showing the potential for profits in the crypto space. It is important to approach Terra Classic with a realistic vision. Current circulating supply, market trends, and recent performance suggest that reaching $1 could be an ambitious goal.

The use case for the token has changed and some now see it as a meme coin, affecting investor sentiment. Looking at recent trends, Terra Classic has experienced ups and downs. Despite a significant rise in the last 90 days, it is crucial to observe the overall downtrend in the last 14 and 30 days.

LUNC Price Prediction

Experts have different views on where Terra Classic (LUNC) is headed. On the positive side, some analysts believe in an optimistic scenario, suggesting that LUNC could rise to $0.000453 by 2024 and could rise further to $0.00255 by 2030.

This positive outlook indicates the possibility of the token’s value growing in the coming years. On the other hand, a more careful group of analysts takes a cautious approach, expecting a slower rise to $0.0003 by 2025 and even considering the possibility of a complete drop by 2027.

Even when some analysts talk about a possible rise to $0.000206 by 2030, they do so with caution, recognizing recent price declines that require careful thought. Recognizing market changes adds an element of uncertainty to your predictions.

Essentially, the future of LUNC appears uncertain and shows several potential paths influenced by several important factors. Investors are advised to tread carefully in this situation, paying attention to market changes, regulatory updates, and other important factors that could affect the course of LUNC in the ever-changing cryptocurrency scene.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Faces Price Drop as US Court Sides with SEC in Terraform Labs Case

Terra Classic (LUNC) price fell 5% in the last 24 hours. This happened after a US district court made a decision supporting the SEC and going against Terraform Labs, the startup behind Terra, where LUNC is based.

In February, the SEC accused Terraform Labs of selling what was once LUNA, claiming it was a security. According to the legal documents, Do Kwon, the co-founder facing challenges, was also accused of managing the sale of these securities.

The recent ruling reveals that the judge overseeing the case sided with the SEC. Judge Jed Rakoff concluded that Terraform Labs did not register LUNA and MIR as securities, leading to summary judgment.

Although the LUNC team has distanced itself from Do Kwon, it has been challenging to separate the token from the events surrounding the LUNA-UST collapse in May 2022. Currently, LUNC is down to -0.414.

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