The 14 Best Coffee Subscriptions to Stay Connected (2024): Blends, Single Origin, Small Batch, Decaf, Chains | Trending Viral hub


Subscription Beans vs. Locally Roasted Beans: All of these subscription services produce excellent coffee beans and they all taste great. But none taste better than locally roasted coffee. For the tastiest coffee that has a direct impact on your community, your best bet is to look for local coffee roasters, whether it’s a coffee shop in the same city, state, or geographic region. Coffee is at its best shortly after roasting. The longer it sits on a shelf or in a delivery truck, the less tasty it will be. Plus, ordering coffee locally minimizes the environmental impact of receiving products shipped from across the country (or across the continent). The best way to do this is to head to your local coffee shop and take a look at the coffee they serve. (They could even roast and sell their own!)

How we test and how you should do it: To test these subscriptions, we brewed each bag in different ways to see which beans were best suited for each brewing method. It’s worth doing the same if you have access to different brewing methods, especially if you opt for a subscription that offers a lot of variety. A roast that produces a great shot of espresso is not necessarily the best coffee to serve. Likewise, make notes about what you like and what you don’t like. Several of these services have very nice websites where you can record your notes and bookmark coffees you liked. Take advantage of these features, because you will probably forget them. The coffee never stops arriving with these subscriptions, which is both a blessing and a curse. If you want more tips, be sure to read our guide to make better coffee at home.

Let’s destigmatize decaf: Coffee aficionados are a fickle bunch and tend to like to dunk people who drink decaf. But here’s the thing: decaf can be good. Yes, the decaffeination process changes the flavor and yes, delicate floral notes are often lost. It’s unfair to exclude people from enjoying coffee, period, and badmouthing decaffeinated coffee can also be ableist. Drinking caffeinated coffee throughout the day can seriously affect your sleep, and some people can’t tolerate caffeine for medical reasons or simply don’t like the way it makes them feel or the way it interacts with certain medications. Coffee is for everyone! There is such a thing as good decaffeinated, and many of our favorite services offer a selection of decaffeinated coffee. Even if you’re a caffeine fanatic, it can be nice to relax with a cup of decaffeinated coffee in the evening; It is especially suitable for mixed espresso drinks, where the typical bold notes of chocolate and smoke can liven up a mocha. Even in a French press or pour-over context, decaf (or a blend of decaffeinated and caffeinated beans) is a good choice for afternoon coffee service. No need to worry about afternoon jitters or insomnia.


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